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Oil Abcest?


hi guys, i did a a stack shot of test c and tren ace on sunday and immediatly got a lump in in my left shoulder.now i have a lump about the size of half a golf ball popping out!Theres not really any serious pain or redness just a big wierd looking bump.Should i try and drain this thing or go to doctor? thanks



Especially if you can't even spell abscess. This isnt an insult. I dont know if you have an abscess or not but let a doctor do it if you do.


"Abscess" is the more accepted spelling. I had an abscess in my left delt much bigger than what you're describing though. I too thought I could aspirate myself avoiding having to explain to the doctor why I was there at the ER. I took an 18 ga 20 cc syringe and proceeeded to aspirate my shoulder.

I made various entry points in an effort to remove all of the FOUL SMELLING brownish yellow pus at one point piercing a vein which shot blood all over my night stand, wall, carpet, lamp, bed etc.....upon stopping the blood, I began "milking" my shoulder forcing more and more crap out of me through the needle holes. Firrst of all, that crap was THE worst smelling shit I've EVER come across! Secondly, in less than one hour after my "home surgery" I had a fever of OVER 104 degrees and felt REAL bad!

My wife took me tto the hospital and the "fun" began, numerous blood tests, infectious disease doctors, surgeon, pulmonary specialiist, cardiologist oh yeah it was fun!
The infection had entered my blood stream and now my blood was infected, I was coughing up blood, having trouble maintaining blood/oxygen saturation above 80% and after a echocardiogram they believed the infection was also on my heart valves! They called it "vegetation".

Long story short, they needed to operate first thing in the morning, cutting my shoulder all the way to the bone chasing the infection. They left the incision open to heal from the inside out, I have pictures, but they truly ARE grotesque! Post surgery, they're hoping the infection isn't in the bone as it would take over a YEAR to recover from! I had a sonogramm done from the inside via my esophogus which revealed NO infection in my heart, thank GOD.

7 Days on Morphine every 4 hours, MASSIVE amounts of IV Zyvox (Extremely strong/expensive anti-biotics) and a HUGE open incision left to heal slowly.
All of this is NOT to mention the fact that I also got a visit from the nice folks in the "chemical dependancy" department extolling the virtues of detox to me and offering me to enter into a 12 step type program! My wife is stressed out, my kids aren't talking to me!
DON'T attempt to drain it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I was worried about having to tell the ER some day that I was injecting roids and everything went bad from there so I asked my doctor one day who knows im on cycle what should I do if this happens. He told me to just say its a spider bite, that they would treat it the same. I dont know if this is true but it was the information given to me. Goodluck...And by the way I have had numerous injections swell up, way fucking bigger than I thought was OK but I rode them out and generally by day 3 they stop and by day 5,6 they are gone.


Oh my God, what a horrible story.

I didn't get a sense of how long ago this occured, but I hope you're doing better and you're relationship with your kids is doing better as well.


Post some pics I want to see that. lol


shit..im cleaning the tops of my vials 2x each use now..fuck


Here's a pic


This was recently, kids coming around now. I STILL have a bandage ovver 5 weeks later, although it's mostly healed by now.


that's crazy! I remember your post from the hospital. would have looked real crazy 5 weeks ago


that's crazy! I remember your post from the hospital. would have looked real crazy 5 weeks ago