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OHS With Dumbbells?

Anybody here try doing overhead squats with dumbbells INSTEAD of the bar? I’ve tried them and they kill(ouch)I quickly found out the endurance of my right shoulder is way down from my left…

Anyone else give them a shot for variety?

I have a couple of circuits that I a do after my regular workout that are similar. One consists of 1 arm barbell cleans left then right arm, then 1 arm barbell jerks left & right, then 1 arm OHS left and right. It can humble you. And the other circiut is 1 arm BB snatches (L/R), 1 arm BB press(L/R) and 1 arm OHS (L/R). I alternate every other workout. One workout I do the clean circuit the other I do the snatch circuit. My traps were sore for three days after the first time i tried these for the first time.

LOL… I am always looking for “humbling” exercises… For variety I do one arm BB cleans (the bar alone gets heavy fast) when my shoulders feel spiffy & fresh.

For chest I am also getting into one armed BB presses with dimes + on each side to build on my co-ordination…

For back I do one armed BB rows…

Anybody else doing this?

I tried 1-armed OHS after seeing a Steve Maxwell dvd (yeah, I tried tehm with a kettlebell too). I definitely noticed more ab/oblique/serratus work. Then again, I had a slight twist/lean away. I think the 1-arm lends itself more to a bit of a lean than the 2-arm version.

I find that it’s more difficult to keep both DBs “directly” overhead, compared to a barbell.

I do them w/ kettlebells only. I don’t like the position the bar keeps my shoudlers at. The kettlebells don’t allow you to keep your hands up very easily so you have to work harder. We also do them off a box sometimes which actually feels easier for some reason.

Yeah i think OHS with dumbells are great, i’m currently working towards doing 1 arm/1 leg dumbell OHS.