OHP with Duffalo Bar

I seen a video somewhere Kevin Oak doing these and figured I’d give these a try this block since I have access to a duffalo bar.

I usually OHP with a beater bar or an axle. I did these today somebody asked me what the benefit was. A while back, I saw that minimizing elbow flare was a shoulder-saving feature, so I figured that was the case with the duffalo angle. I also noticed that I have a higher touch point to my chin with the duffalo.

May theres some outward tension at lockout, so it’s almost like a Y press? What are some benefits for the duffalo OHP?

Theoretically > ROM? With a barbell I go to the clavicles and that feels like plenty ROM tbh lol if my shoulder joint could handle the extra stretch it’d be useful that way.

Im actually feelin like theres less rom on a duffalo, because the curve makes the contact point higher, like I’d need to bring it slightly lower if I had a barbell (in relation to where my hands are)

I’m a lil nervous about going low because before, I used to crash my presses down to get the bounce, and had shoulder pain from that.

I see what u mean. If you change the contact point then not necessarily increased ROM. You could just pause on the chest if ur worried that going ballistic will injure you.

Yeah, I might try that too. Bringing it down slower might feel better too, even with embarassingly poverty weight

Are u lifting to train ur ego or to make gains lol

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Are you using it inverted? I feel the total opposite when using it for front squats. It just forces me to go lower for the midpoint of the bar to make contact with the clavicles

Naw, it was the right way, but damn my geometry musta been off.

I guess it is more ROM now that I think about it

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Damn sucks that I was only able to do it for a week.

Going to get an axle and bumpers, and a keg for a home strongman gym

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