OHP Help? It's Pretty Terrible

So ive been training for general strength as id like to compete in strongman at some point and I’m a bit confused about my progression. I train ohp really frequently with high volume yet I can bench press significantly more and I very rarely bench. I have visually more developed shoulders than chest so what could be the reason for this? I ohp 60kg and bench 90kg.

This is a normal ratio (OHP around 2/3 bench) although if you do it way more it should be a little bit more. So it might technique, abs/back weakness etc post a video of both

Seconded. Sounds about right to me.

Looks good to me. Keep that shit up.

Your OHP is pretty good relative to your bench.Your never going to OHP more then you Bench Press. Aim to OHP 2/3 of your bench. Thats where you are right now.

Are we talking about a strict press or with leg drive? All answers so far relate to strict presses.

In strongman: ohp = any way of getting it over your head with the (exception of a viking press).

If we are talking about a strict press, then I’d just agree with everyone else.

Strict press, I doubt it’s a back weakness as I do a lot of back training and make sure I’m always stronger in my back but could be a abs weakness I don’t do a lot of ab training. Maybe I just dont have good proportions for ohp. I’ll keep at it I’m sure I’m just over thinking.

Yeah you’re probably overthinking and should just focus on getting stronger overall.
There are several strategies you could use concerning your OHP if it still bothers you. You could reduce the volume and instead work on your bench (bigger chest and triceps will help you). Or accessories exercises adressing your weak points if any (Z press, partial from pins, push press etc)

How much do you THINK you should be strict pressing with a 90kg bench?

I feel like you didn’t listen to what ANYONE said. Everyone here said that’s a GOOD ohp relative to your bench press. Why do you continue, after 5 or 6 people told you this, to insist things like ‘maybe you don’t have good proportions for ohp’?

I’ll use myself as a comparison. Before I started training for strongman, I reached a 390 lbs bench press. When I was benching 390, I was only able to strict press around 230 lbs. So that’s even less than a 2/3 ratio. I don’t know what I strict press now, but I strongly doubt that ratio has changed much, even though I do waaaay more overhead pressing than bench now.

You have better leverages in the bench press and the muscles you built in the OHP carry over to the bench. That is, getting a stronger OHP will improve your bench press, especially when you have a weak bench press.

Maybe you like it more?

My OHP is trash

Your max OHP is 60kg? Are we getting that correct?