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OHP Going Up, But Bench Is Stuck?

Need help with a stuck bench problem.

#1. I do my bench training first, since it is my worst lift.
#2. My bench at max gets stuck when my Humerous/ Radius-Ulna are at 90* going up.
#3. My OHP continues to climb, slowly but have not plateaued.
#4. I do 1 heavy day a week and 1 explosive day a week a-la westside template.

For the life of me, I cannot find a way around this. as far as supplemental work goes, i am
doing the same training for 3 weeks plus a rest week, then changing.

Help help …

What ME lifts are you doing, and how often are you testing your bench?

My ME lifts are the Squat, Bench and Deadlift. I test them every twelve weeks during the Equinox and Solistice.

I do a 95% max every six weeks to check my progress.

Everything is moving in a positive direction except the Bench.

You need bench volume. I’d stay away from dynamic bench work if I were you. It’s not gonna help.

Look at a bench routine by Vladimir Volkov. There’s no rhyme or reason to what days to train on, but the progression of it is what’s important. Try and hit the rep scheme that day. If you come to a jump in weight that you know you won’t get for the rep scheme that day, just stop there.

And only bench…for a little while. If you want your bench to go up you need to bench more often. Lay off the assistance work. Don’t max out, just work up to a heavy 5 or 3 or double or whatever you do that workout.

This progression works! I still use it.

I am honestly shocked you haven’t gotten injured at this point. You should be rotatiing ME lifts every 1 to 3 weeks if you are trying to replicate the westside approach. Check out this classic on the subject.

I think you would find greater success by dropping bench as an ME lift, picking 3 to 4 to rotate, and reducing the frequency of your testing. At least, if you wanted to stick with your current approach.

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Got it, Thanks.