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OHP: Full ROM or Partial?

Have neglected the press a bit since I started Powerlifting and honestly even before that so on advice from the forum its in my next training block.

I see different people do different ranges of motion like to the nose and others from a front rack. Is there a reason there’s a lot of variation in this? Is one approach better than another?

I’m not mobile enough to start from a proper front rack but can comfortably have the bar at clavicle level so I’ll call that my full ROM.

Should I do the press with full ROM?

How much lower than clavicle level is full ROM?


Go Full ROM if you can.

Even if you get the bar to your clavicle doesn’t mean you’re not overcompensating elsewhere and/or putting your shoulders in an awkward position. If your shoulders explode you’ll know it wasn’t such a good idea.


As mentioned try full ROM but dont blow up your shoulder.

The reason for different starting positions is to compensate for poor mobility / attemt to minimise the risk of injury.

All I can say is I have a solid OHP and of all the things that has ever hurt my shoulder, a proper press from racked position is not one of them.

Cutting the motion short on the negative to try and push from a higher position on the other hands, often results in excessive elbow flare and subsequently strains.

If you are going to do partials, push from deadstop using a rack, so you can get tight and reset, rather than bodybuilder style of manually controlled partials.


More seriously:

Why are you including the press in your training?

Have almost completely neglected it in the past.

Including to make some gains in triceps, front delts and other muscles involved hopefully getting some carryover to bench.

EDIT: also to get bigger shoulder to be a sexier guinea pig

I don’t see why you wouldn’t use a full ROM, but “full” depends on your flexibility. I see some guys only bring the bar down to their chin but I don’t see why they would do it unless their shoulders really have limited ROM.

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