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OHP Form Check and Analysis

Please check my OHP form. Please!
Weight is 140 lbs.

Front View

Side View

That looks pretty good to me.

The only thing I can think of is you might want to work on shoulder mobility just a bit. You’re pushing your head through fine, but the actual shoulder blades could be rotated back just a bit more. Shoulder dislocates with a broomstick, and/or very light Bradford presses should help with that. Be gentle with those; you want to stretch the shoulders, not strain them.

But that’s just a very minor issue. It really looks pretty good to me.

Thanks for the tip Lorez. You are right. Now that you mentioned it, it seems that I’m not locking my shoulder blades very well during lockout at the top. I’ll incorporate shoulder dislocates drills in my dynamic stretches. Thanks again!

What loRez said + keep your forearms and elbows underneath or slightly in front of the bar when in the rack position - notice they end up behind the bar when it’s on your chest
Also, this might not work for you, but i find that pushing my elbows through in a straight line is stronger than letting them flair out to the side (refer to the front view video), so you could give that a try.

I just hope i have the flexibility and mobility to have my elbows in front of the bar. Should i have a narrower grip? What mobility drills will you recommend if there is any.

[quote]eseng666 wrote:
I just hope i have the flexibility and mobility to have my elbows in front of the bar. Should i have a narrower grip? What mobility drills will you recommend if there is any.[/quote]

If you have to ask that question, you are in trouble. I mean…damn, yes. Get on mobility ASAFP. That should never be a question. Actually the only question on that front should be “do I have my elbows high enough in front?”

You should be able to rack the front squat in an olympic manner just fine, if you don’t have the shoulder mobility and elbow room to do it, you need to get on that.

Press motion looks fine, I would suggest making sure you are shrugging the traps and squeezing the back at the start of the motion to press (watch a youtube video of Klokov doing this with his behind the neck press…called a Klokov Press due to his popularizing of it. He does this and it will show you what to do–the bar position is on his back, but that doesn’t matter it’s the principle behind his performance. And his grip is out to the collars, but again irrelevant to the central concept. Simple google Klokov 110kg press, should be one of the first videos up on youtube).

It is important to pack the shoulder and fire the lats and traps hard in the bottom–I say this mostly as a reminder because it is impossible to see if you are doing this even though your motion looks a-ok.

Last note is if you watch from the side you will see that you are leaning back slightly with an arch in your lumbar area–if you look at it this is what is allowing you to make up for the lack of shoulder mobility at the top and to lock out the weight–you lean back very slightly and it brings the bar into a “super high incline press” sort of motion, which requires less shoulder mobility than a strict overhead press.

Lots of mobility exercises really–I would focus on thoracic spine mobility, shoulder mobility, serratus anterior strengthening. And I would look at mobilitywod.com and search the site for the subjects as a starting point. Too much to mention here.

I think im flexible enough because I can do front squats and cleans. Though the execution is not stellar, i think that they are in the better side of the spectrum. I was trying to lean back a bit because I was trying to do the olympic press(?) Well maybe it would be better if I stick with the strict presses. Thanks for your very comprehensive feedback sir.

look good to me.