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OHP Focus Twice a Week



Hello guys,

Due some longtime problems at hip area that i tried to work throught, after consultation with my fyziotherapist i decided to ditch all lower body work for next 4 weeks and focus on healing ( i will just throw there some basic curls/extension etc. for basic maintence work)

i would like to use this time to focus on Overhand press and weighted pull ups/ chin ups

Somewhere below i know christian answear some similiar question about OHP, but i cant find it, probably i am blind :smiley:

i get to the gym twice a week so i thought something like this

A OHP layer system+ 5x2 weighted pull up overhand two seconds hold up, 2-3 seconds lovering, superset during first layer ?
i know chris wrote layer system should be just that no accesory , but becouse i will get to lift only twice a week i really want to throw some back work there

B push press 8x3 or military 5x5 with linear progresion (what you guys think would be better ?
5x5 weighted chin ups (trying to shot for 5x5 so in reality more like 55443…)
ss dynamic bodyweight pushups
face pulls 3x10-15

The other days i train mma or have some difrent training (ex, athletic…) so thats why i get to the gym only twice a week.

thank you guys, i welcome any suggestions and criticism :slight_smile: