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Ohio: Where to Buy?


I am making a trip to Ohio at the end of July, from Ontario (Canada) and like all Canadian Consumers in the USA I would like to fill my boots with as much inexpensive/cheaper American products as possible. I am wondering if any members from Ohio can reccommend supplements stores or outlets in the area of Cleveland and Akron. Any input would be appreciated as after an hour or two on google searching for supplement outlets in Ohio, I have found little but chinese webpages and alibaba offers.....
Looking for local advice,
Thanks in advance


Ive never heard of this supplement wholesaler you think exists. But I could be wrong, of course.


I’ve been to 18 different states and have never seen or heard of a bulk supplement retail store.

The only advantage you have really is online shipping.

US supplement stores (like T-Nation) offer dramatically lower shipping costs in the continental United States compared to Canada.


I was hoping some sort of Supplement outlet would exist in the USA as they have outlets for damn near everything. It would have made this trip alot more enjoyable. I will look into some online suppliers.
Thanks for the replies BONEZ + RAJ.


When I go to the US this is what I stock up on…


Obviously some of those products are available here, but you get the idea.


god damn that is a ton of hot sauce.
I picked up a container of slap ya mama spice rub for my chicken while I was in Baton Rouge last year and I am still trying to finish it. You much for spice rubs or are you just a sauce guy?
If so , I would def reccommend Slap Ya Mama’s, just gotta watch the sodium in it.


Someone names a hot sauce after Friday After Next? Awesome.



You could consider setting up a package receiving account in a US border town. Many places that have post office boxes offer this. You pay a yearly fee of $10-20 and a small per week package fee for any orders you get (usually around $5 per order). That way you can get a 3 month supply shipped there in the week before you go from online stores which have prices no bricks and mortar establishment can compete with.

I don’t know how far you live from the border, but if you use a decent amount of supps, it could be worth your while. Get together with a friend and it definitely should be so.

The reason I say 3 months, is you are allowed to bring 12 weeks personal supply and only pay the HST. Beyond that you are subject to commercial import regulations and possibly higher duties. If you get any guff from border agents for a 12 week personal supply or they try to charge a higher duty than HST, polite insistence to reclassify usually will work quite quickly. There are a lot of things you can buy in the States that are not allowed in Canada, like yohimbine, carnitine, DMAE, amongst others, so check the Health Canada website prior to ordering. You might get away with these things, but the risk remains.