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Ohio/Surrounding Area PLers: Huge Opportunity!


Once in a lifetime opportunity guys, just saw that JM Blakley will be putting on bench seminars every Sunday through late spring at Metro Fitness in Worthington, Ohio. The seminars are open to members and non-members...they started a week or two ago. I would give my left nut to live within driving distance and get the chance to be coached by a legend! I hope some of you guys can make it!


That's badass ... I'll have to stop by. How'd you hear about this?

I've also heard that place opened up a 'power room' and they are gonna get a monolift for it too. Pretty cool for a commercial gym.


I was doing a google search for JM, checking to see if I could find his contact info and Metro Fitness Worthington's facebook profile came up. They have a commercial on their facebook page about the whole thing, also says that it is being held in their new "Power Room", as you had mentioned. Pretty amazing opportunity, especially since the guy retired close to a decade ago and kind of fell of the map.


HAHAHA Thats like 10 minutes from my house.



Yes, Jason, we know that you live with driving distance from both of the greatest gyms on earth. No need to brag.



Damn you Pegg!!! Although you are part of, and have full access to, the best of the best in the industry, would you stop by to shoot the shit with an old legend like JM? I guess he's going to lecture on some other PL related stuff...maybe cutting weight or something.