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Place your bets here.

Have to go with OSU.


Fuck that.

Wolverines all the way. But then again I may be a bit biased. (UM'99)

A sick defense will always beat an explosive offense. Ohio State has a good "D" but Michigan's is better. Michigan has a solid "O" but Ohio State's is better.

Should be one for the ages.

24-23 Wolverines on a last-second FG.


I agree on the defense, but we'll see if Carr has them ready or not. Seems that most big games he just doesn't seem to have the boys ready.

For me, the whole damn world stops on Saturday.

Go blue baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ohio by at least 10 points.


Ohio plays Akron this Thursday. Yeah, I agree. They should beat Akron by 10+ points.

But what about the match-up this thread is discussing?


I think it will be amusing if Arkansas and Florida both suffer another loss and USC loses to ND. Then what happens? What if Michigan loses a close game to OSU? Does ND get picked ahead of UM even though they were soundly beaten by Michigan earlier in the year?

What if Michigan wins? It's almost unavoidable to have a rematch playing in the National Championship. Either UM vs. ND or UM vs. OSU.

What if Rutgers wins out? Do they get the nod over one-loss Notre Dame and the OSU/UM loser?

I'm excited for the controversy.


Let me first say this: I hate Ohio State. THE fucking Ohio State University! Idiot fans. Okay?

That said:

Ohio State should win this game easily. Talk about defense? I think OSUs is better. Defense is more than raw stats, although, last I check OSUs stats were better than Michigan's. OSUs D makes big plays. They have done that consistently under Tressel.

Also, they have Tressel who might be the best game coach in America. He knows how to get the lead and keep it. OSU fans don't seem to like that. They like to run it up. But Tressel knows what risks he can take and he knows when to take 'em. He is a fantasic manager of the game clock. Lloyd Carr? Not so much.

On offense it's no comparison: OSU by a mile. Troy Smith is off the charts this year and he's probably not been running much this year because they are keeping those plays in the bag for Michigan. Tressel likes to keep some plays in the bag, not running them all year, saving them for this game. I think - and remember I said this - that he will turn this thing into the Troy Smith Show. He'll torch 'em on the ground and in the air. Just a hunch.

Prediction: OSU 31 Michigan 17

But I'll be rooting like hell for Michigan.


Last time I checked, OSU had a great D, Troy Smith who michigan has never figured out how to stop, and Jim Tressel who is something like 4-1 against Michigan.


U of M grad, both BA and MS. Now I live and teach in Ohio for many years. Who should I cheer for?

I have to give the nod to the boys from OSU. At home, with their offense, and a damn good D, it should be OSU.

Of course, UM will now shock the hell out of everyone.


The phrase "go blue" will forever make me sick to my stomach.

Ohio State, for all that is good and holy.


I'm a huge Ohio State fan, and I'm pretty damn nervous for this one. Hack Wilson touched on all the points I would make though. Ohio State's D is much softer than Michigan's, but makes huge plays all the times. It's third in the country for takeaway's and leads the country in points off of takeaways. Add in home field advantage, the fact that Tressel has Llyod's number when it comes to big games, and I see the Buckeyes eeking out a thriller. The difference will be in turnovers. OSU 31, Michigan 28.


Mich 28 OSU 13

WTH is a buckeye anyway?

GO BLUE!!!!!


Hail to the Victors Valiant!!!!!


I gotta by loyal to my Wolverines. We played well yesterday which was comforting. The two games before that had me worred.


OSU all the way baby!!!

Now excuse me while I go lock up my couches before some students get ahold of them!!


A tree


This is a classic rivalry, and will be a great game, a slight edge has to go to Ohio State, but I wouldn`t bet against Michigan.


I don't care for either team....but UM fans, I think I would have to put your team ahead of OSU in the rankings. Why? I'm looking at OSU's schedule and noticed that, aside from Texas, not a single opponent they played this season is ranked.....hmmmmmm!



THE Ohio State Douchebags 20, i will let them have 2 touchdowns, but only through air, and not on Leon Hall. The Michigan defensive line will not allow more than 50 yards rushing, sorry Pittman. Gonzalez will have the 2 catches.
Now, the Wolverines....31. Breaston punt return TD, Manningham 2 TD's, Hart 1 TD, and REVIS FG.
Remember it, right it down, take a picture.
Michigan Wolverines Nat'l Champs Fool!


Go Blue baby :wink: