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Ohio, Powerlifters?


Hey, i live in the Columbus area, and have been trying to find a powerlifting gym, where i can have help with my technique, and actually have a spotter(reading can only get you so far). I have contacted two gyms and have not heard back from either. Anyone on here go to a gym close to columbus area where i can join/train at?


What are your lifts like? How long have you been powerlifting?


You're a lucky man to live in Columbus and just so happen to be interested in powerlifting. Lucky bastard...




go visit louie simmons if you dare.


The EFS compound actually isn't too far away from Columbus either.



I you are serious about powerlifting, but I mean deadly serious, wanting to break records and stuff, go pay Westside a visit. I am pretty sure they will take you under their wing.


More often than not when people are "deadly serious about breaking world records" it means they want to bust their ass for 2 weeks then never show up again. I'm not saying the OP is one of these people, I'm just saying a lot of people underestimate what kind of commitment this sport takes (especially at the highly competitive level). Food preparation, training, spotting, loading, handling your team mates (paying your dues) are all parts of it. Everybody just wants to show up and lift. It doesn't work like that.


I completely agree with you.


'Im still new, I've been interested for awhile, but want to find a gym that can help me with technique and training partners. My lifts are pretty average current weight is 160lbs,(all with no belt, straps or chalk) Dead- 415, squat 405, Bench 230.

I just need a place besides these shit commercial gyms, where people are dedicated and willing to help my learn( and where i can actually use chalk). And yes i want to become an elite level powerlifter at the 200lbs division or under.I know it takes time that's why i need a gym to take me from the begging of the process. Thanks for the response's


I guess my point is that I wouldn't expect anybody from West Side to take anyone under their wing, unless that person has proven themself to be serious. Guys move to Columbus and literally live out of their cars for the chance to train at West Side. These people are able to demonstrate how serious they are. Why would they even consider letting the OP in? Just because he wants a spot and some help with his form?

I don't mean to discourage anyone, I'm just stating what I've seen. People get into this "honeymoon" mentality about powerlifting. Then something happens:

  • the gains quit
  • you get hurt
  • they find out they aren't that special
  • you join a group where all of a sudden the needs of the group outweigh the needs of a single person
  • they don't want to compete

... and they quit. I see this happen ALL THE TIME.

My advice is not to even entertain the idea of joining a private gym unless you have a decent base of strength, are serious about competing, and you're willing to pay your dues. Once again, I'm not trying to discourage anybody -- I'm just trying to save you some time and heart ache.

If despite what I've said above, if you're interested in joining a private gym -- go to a meet. See what you're getting into. Ask the meet director if you can help spot & load. It's not glamorous, but at least you're showing that you're willing to work for it.


Check your PM's


x2 on what people have said about Westside. I've never been there myself, but from what Dave Tate has written about in his "Iron Evolution" series, it's basically hell. I don't want to sound cocky or anything, but I'm one of those people who honestly thinks that they would have what it takes to train at Westside. I'd be willing to abandon everything in my training up until this point to start over and learn to become great. People don't just go there to lift, they go there to break world records.



Never heard of the place. Columbus that is.



Somewhere in Iowa i think? Maybe Idaho?



Not sure how much you want to drive, Smitty is great guy who I believe is at the top of the 242 masters bench list, check it out.