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Oh yeah!!!

I am posting this today, as I won’t be online tomorrow (but I’ll check back on Saturday morning).

Tomorrow, a cataclysmic event happens in the Northwest. Thunder will roll. The earth will open up and swallow the weak. Old women will cross themselves. Children will tremble.

Yes, the event is happening. No amount of wishing otherwise will prevent it. But I welcome it, nonetheless. Bring it on.

Tomorrow, brider enters the realm of the quadragenarians, masters, officially becoming an “old fart.” That’s right, the big four-oh.

And while the calendar says I’ve passed my fourth decade, the image in the mirror says otherwise. A lifetime of athletic activity (so far) has kept me young in appearance and young at heart.

Some say that life begins at forty. That’s only if you haven’t lived until then. I have lived. Life is good, and getting better. The best years, however, are still ahead of me.

So tomorrow heave a weight, hoist a glass, and raise a cheer to life for me. Enjoy the day. I’ll be celebrating.

Hope it’s the best ever!

Happens to the best of us. Have a good one!

Happy Birthday Brider.

Brider continues to stare listlessly at the "pictures on the Tellyvision, Cake leans over and places his mouth near his ear…

I said…


Grinning a toothless grin that bespeaks of drool and recently consumed porridge, Briders rhuemy eyes flicker with recognition and a casual observer would belive that he smiles at Cakes words. His caregivers know however that Brider has once again forgotten his Depends and is just enjoying the temporary warmth of his own urine

“'Tis not enough to help the feeble up, but to support them after”

~ William Shakespeare

“getting closer to the end then to the beginning”

-Chauncey the gardner-

Happy birthday old dude.

Welcome to da club. Hope you have a great day.


Damn that’s old.

Cake – that’s classic!! LMAO!

Happened to me to, brider, and it sounds like you’re going into it with the perfect attitude.

Piece of cake, man.

(No, not you, Cake! classic response, by the way)

Happy Birthday, brider!

If I was drinking beer right now, I’d have a few and raise the pints in your name. Instead, I’ll have to send you positive birthday vibes! Have a special one!

How’s that knee? I had forgotten to ask you the last time you were here. And how’s the missus?

Mary’s doing great. The knee is holding. I’ve done a couple squat and deadlift sessions in the last couple weeks, but not approaching a good work weight yet. Running (strangly) doesn’t caus any problems. I’m thinking it’s the cleat alignment and lack of float in my pedals. I have two sets of Speedplay pedals that have been lying in the garage (still in the box) for three years. All I need are new shoes that are Speedplay compatible (Mary, are you listening?)

Happy B-Day big guy!

Ha ha your older than Me by a Whopping 3 days! Happy birthday Brother!

Saturday you’ll be 40 and I’ll still be 39…until Sunday

Why, Thank you…

*Half Bow

(Happy Birthday Phatso!)

“The old believe everything, the middle-aged suspect everything, the young know everything”

~ Oscar Wilde

my goal is to hump a hot 18 year old chick when im 40, if you can do that you shall remain young forever.

P-DOG, you mean her leg, right?

well, hell fuck it. i guess the leg counts too.

You poor bastard. :slight_smile: