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Oh Yeah Baby! 400 Posts


This makes 400 posts. Damn, I'm the shit! Ain't nobody fuck with me now. :wink:



I am genuinely depressed I missed my 2000th post. I'm sure it was some dick waving though...


400 posts and 2 replies!


We signed up around the same time. FML.


Talk to us when you hit 1,000. And talk to us when you post pictures.


Thank you for letting us know about your monumental 400 post count.


its the quality that counts... wait a second, where did i think I was?






anal warts


Pics or get the fuck out.



LOL. Might have difficulty getting it past the mods. PM?


No, thank you. I wasn't thinking.


Did you guys really think I was serious?

400 posts? Like I'm seriously proud of that among all you T-veterans with at least over 1000?

Guys, I just wanted to get FLAMED! Yes, I got some flame, but I was expecting so much more. Pathetic! Or...perhaps the fact that I did not get flamed enough means that I actually DID get flamed, because I got little satisfaction. Nah, you're not that intelligent. Close, though. Bastards.


Corrected it for you :slight_smile:


I have over two thousand posts. I'm pretty sure that's the most out of anyone on this site.


you failed at being a troll

173 posts....fucking super


Looking at my sign up date and post count, should make you feel better....





That troll is cute!! Really I'm just seeing what meh post count is...