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Oh yeah, Axl's still got it!

Well, attended the GNR Chineese Democracy World Tour in Fargo, North Dakota last night, and it was indescribable! No, Axl Rose has not lost his voice, it is as strong as ever. While it is not the original band, the new band is just as powerful. Buckethead is an amazing guitar player, but he just kind of stands there and rocks back and forth while he’s playing. And right before his solo he twirls around some nunchucks, and then does the robot! Strange man. The opening band was CKY, then Mix Master Mike made an appearence. Then we waited about an hour and right when we all thought they wouldn’t show, the show began. They played about 20 songs, for over two hours. Any Guns-n-Roses fan should definately check out this tour.

I’m a huge gn’r fan, but will not check out this tour. Its not really guns n’ roses. If I’m paying to see guns, I want to see Slash, Duff and Matt up there too, not just Axl. Axl is banking on nostalgia, and the only thing he’s got going for him right now is a high-end cover band.

I don’t know man, what about Slash? It’s just not the same band.

You bet…! Axl is certainly fairing a LOT better than Vince Neil. Why? (For you “Crue” fans out there, this is just my opinion!):

I think that Axl is a musician FIRST, an “entertainer/rock-star” second…Neil is just the opposite…and despite all the drugs and problems of “The Crue”, Neil had one helluva’ creative and talented pair in Tommy Lee and Nikki Six…without them…well…

…just a thought…

That’s right, it is not the same Guns-n-Roses, but even if it is just “the Axl Rose Show,” it is still one hell of a show, with all the original GNR hits. I was afraid of being disappointed, but I definately got my money’s worth.

The singer is usually the only important person in a band. A guitar player or drummer can be replaced a lot easier than a singer. Changing the singer usually means death for the band. Change a drummer/guitar player and no one really notices.

Agree… UNLESS that drummer/guitar player are either a creative and/or emotional “force”…

That’s why I think Axl is doing okay…and Neil is struggling (falling flat on his face, actually!) without Lee and Sixx…

Yessirree, I took a couple days off of work and drove up to Vancouver to see the kickoff of this tour. Got to the stadium, got to the end of the HUUUGE lineup to get in, and then at 7:30 when the opening band was meant to start and we were all still standing out in the cold, they announced over the PA system, “Concert cancelled.”

Then came the riot, and then came the stadium being smashed in, then came the riot police and the tear gas.

The concert was cancelled by the promoters because Axl hadn’t arrived yet and they were worried. Axl apparently has said he was going to be there on time and the promoters cancelled the show as a complete surprise to both him and the band.


Some guys at my gym went to the GNR show here in Moline, Illinois Sunday night (11/17), and it’s all they could talk about last night. They weren’t the only ones. There were people calling in to the local radio stations raving about how much ass the show kicked. We had free tickets, and didn’t go. I’m kicking myself in the butt now, though. Everyone I’ve talked to said the new band kicks ass…Whatever that’s worth.

“The singer is usually the only important person in a band.”

They certainly like to think so. Think about it this way: if you take a great singer and put him or her in front of a shitty band, well, you end up with shitty music. Take a shitty singer and put him in front of a decent group and you at least get something mediocre. Case in point: the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Ever hear them live? Anthony Keidis couldn?t carry a tune in a bucket, yet the overall performance is fair.

Give me a solid, funky drummer, a guitarist with taste (who can solo a bit is necessary) and I?ll lay down a bass line that will get your ass on the dance floor. Singers optional. LOL.

P.S. Buckethead could wipe the floor with Slash on his worst day. But it?s all a matter of taste. :)

So how bad was the riot? I never saw anything on the news.