Oh, the view...

Well, I’m back from the beach, finally, and I have a few pictures to share.
This is me and the view from the balcony of the Condo in Destin, Florida. I didn’t get a really good picture of the view, but trust me, it was breathtaking. I love the beach!!

Nice pic.

So what did you guys do down there?

Where is the bikini pics?

Is solo holding the camera?


Oh trust me, the view is breathtaking. :slight_smile:

Are we talking about the beach, or that peach in the middle of the pic?

Nah, I took the photos.

Didn’t you read the other thread about this? Solo’s thread about the TV…

Solo did take that picture. I have pics of Solo too, but I’ll let him post those.
We mostly just chilled at the beach, pool and hottub… Just relaxing. Of course, I did do a little shopping. But I don’t have any pics of the new clothes… I think someone requested that in the other thread. I do however, have pics of the new bathing-suit that solo bought me. He picked it out. It’s a cutsie suit, not a sexy suit… so don’t get your hopes up.

This is anothher picture (of the peach). It was cloudy out, but you can see more of the water. It was so clear.

The suit.

The bottom.

The side.

The top

Oh yeah, we did make a trip to the gym at the complex.
I brought all of my suppliments with me. I even took picture of them for you. LOL

This is my showing off my teeny tiny muscles. He he he

THis is a night time view of the pool (one of three there) from my balcony.
sigh I miss vacation.

This is the view from the front balcony.

This is a somewhat better picture of my face. (I am sooo not photogenic)

Another picture w/ my face.

After the beach, we went to Solo’s parents’ house near Ocala, Florida. We took some really cool photo’s of the national parks we went to. I’ll post them later.

Solo’s Girl: You are one cute chick. And I see no evidence of that extra skin on the tummy shit you were talking about a while ago. :wink: Is Solo going to let you contribute to our “Ass of the Year” thread, cause I’m thinking some of the guys might like that.

Vacation. Damn. I need one. Got Mexico semi-sorta lined up for January. Can’t wait to go…

some of those pics belong in the other thread.