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Oh the Hypocracy!



Direct quotes from Republicans about war under Clinton.

i r confused at dis.


The two parties are completely interchangeable... it doesn't really matter which one holds power, the other will criticize it and then do the same thing when it gets power.

The genius is in convincing the people that there is actually a difference (usually done with no-impact side issues like abortion, gay marriage, stem cell research, etc) to pick sides and support them.

Cool setup if you happen to be among those who get a chance at the throne every now and then.


Hey they were right. Those quotes are still right, even if they fucked up royally. I actually hold three people responsible for the quagmire, Rumsfeld, Chaney, and Bush. The other rep's were dupped just like everybody else.

In the end, which politicians, on either side of the isle, would you consider not a hypocrit? If you can name them, you could count them on one hand I am sure. Lying is job one.


Politicians hypocritical?


The question is why aren't they bumped into the executive.


I also hold Bremmer responcible. What a tool.


Yes, I'm sure no one but those three people are responsible. Couldn't be the people who voted those guys into staying in power even after they fucked it up... naw...

And yes. Clinton fucked up in foreign policy (for the record).


I should have inserted the word "primarily". Of course, there were more people involved, but they were the main ones pulling the strings.
Also, you can't really blame voters. There were no choices, you had bad and worse. The voters had to figure out which was which.


My favorite was when Ann Coulter was on Crossfire spewing on about how those who criticize Bush should go to jail... This was all fine and dandy, until an audience member TKO'd her with the question "So, you should be in jail for criticizing Clinton during his two terms?"... She shut the fuck up after that.


I agree with pookie on this one. Both parties pander to whatever party their with. So you can't say it's just republicans.


Oh I know. It just makes me laugh. Hard.

Especially the last one, Bush talking about the importance of an exit strategy.

And is Bush was bad and Kerry was worse, why did they get past the primary? There was no one better than Bush on either side? Stop shoveling, the bullshits smell is too pungent to miss.


Shit there are tons of people better than Bush. Hell, I am better than Bush. We seem to really find the lowest forms of human existance and put them on a podiem. Look at Hillary...Can't wait to put my health care in the hands of the Government since they do such a good fucking job with everything else.

I can't explain it. The people who have the drive and finacial backing to become president tend to be something beneath pond scum. I am not will to put on a cape and dive head first into the politcal process in order to correct it either. It is what it is.