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Oh The Agony...

I’ve been on multiple, well-researched cycles with tremendous success (some of results have been posted over the last several years) and have been posting and reading on this site religiously for 6 years now, so if you’re going to respond to my post in belittling manner or simply link me to the steroids for newbies thread without giving this some genuine thought, I’d prefer you just not respond.

I know how to use the search engine, and I’ve probably been using the resource before most of the current posters had ever heard of this site.
End Primer

Here is my problem. In all of my previous cycles I had the good fortune of having a training partner who mirrored my regimen, and we were able to give each other the injections nearly every single time to avoid any self-stick jitters and resultant pin movement.

I’m currently on my 5th week of a cycle that includes a test en QV 250 shot weekly altenating sides (vastus lateralus) as part of the stack. This is my second time on this particular stack and I love it - but now I no longer have that training partner, and this rediculous 4-day-long pain and swelling that occurs at the injection site is getting absurd.

On prior cycles, I did not have this issue as I always had them administer the enth component into my Deltoid and had mild discomfort at most. But it’s damn near impossible to use that site when self injecting. And I’m almost positively certain that it’s not my technique either, as I have self administered tren in my quads on several occasions with no pain.

I do everything textbook, down to using a heating pad to warm my gear and meticulous attention to sterilizing the site, rubber stopper, and changing to another new, but sharper pin after drawing the gear.

What are my options other than cutting this stuff? Though I know I shouldn’t be, I am really really hesitant to do so, because I am an infection-phobe and tend to prefer eliminating any extra time the test spends between drawing from the sterile vile and insertion into my muscle.

Surely, with the depth of experience on this site someone must have some other suggestions for making this stuff more manageable. Thanks T-People!

I had a lot of problems with my quads and so far have had no problem injecting my own delt (I am injecting all enanth compounds). The aspiration was pretty poor due to the awkwardness of it but I got no swelling and only a little discomfort. I am using a 25Ga 5/8" pin which is really slow to inject but it doesn’t leave as big a hole.

Cut the test with EQ or even tren. Anything will make that QV better. The pain associated with QV is unacceptable in this day and age.

What does the date on the QV say?

I had a some really nasty and long lasting soreness from my injections on my current cycle until I cut my stuff with 95% sterile oil, 5% BB at ~.8ml per 1ml of gear. Everything was smooth as butter after that.

Edit- I should add that I ran my oil/BB through a .22 whattman before mixing it all up. If you use a .22 to filter and your gear contains BA- which it does- you don’t need to worry much about the stuff giving you an infection.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:

Did you actually mean that you are an infection phobe, or did you mean injection phobe? I ask this because done properly, cutting with sterile oil should in no way increase your chances of infection.


I did clearly preface my statement with “though I know I shouldn’t be”

hence why I dubbed it a phobia - since such fears are oftentimes without merit.

As to being an injectionphobe, I am either completely confused by your ignoring the fact that I have done multiple cycles and various self administrations making that highly unlikely, or really flattered that you are implying that I overcame this phobia, as evident by my multiple injection experiences (by the way this isn’t the case, I never really was all that afraid of the process)

Either way, yes I am aware of the low risk with proper attention to detail; it doesn’t change the fact that I also have the humility to understand that I am not a Doctor, nor am I in a sterile hospital setting. And as such - the potential for simple human error on my behalf is enough to dissuade me.

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Sorry to snap back at you so harshly. It’s just a few years back I stopped coming here because of the growing trend in forum posters to be condescending rather than helpful, and I took you the wrong way That, and maybe all the test has me somewhat edgy (I’m kidding obviously)

while I on the topic of my phobia, my most recent shot has had a longer recovery time than the prior 5, and is still swollen. There is no unusual redness or warmth in the area and I don’t feel sick, but it’s painful even after 4 days. Thoughts?

Could I have used too short of a needle and not hit the proper depth, or something else I haven’t thought of? Or should I not be so dismissive of the potential for an infection, regardless of my OCD mannerisms?

[quote]etaco wrote:
What does the date on the QV say?


I’ll have to look when I get home. Why, was there a bad batch of this stuff at some point?

Hey Robusto,

On a similar note, I’m on the 3rd week of a cycle and am having similar problems although I am a beginner with pins. My first injection (one each side) was fine as I had someone more experienced show me how, where etc. My second and third ones have been sore for at least 4-5 days. Jabs are goin in my butt. I also have swelling on one side and am wondering will this go away or what should i expect?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Are the other common injection spots all accounted for with other compounds? You may want to try a ventralglutial(sp?) injection. I’ve never had too many problems with sore injection sites, but I’ve always found the minimal pain I do have to be least noticable when I do a ventralglutial shot.

I can appreciate not coming round much due to heckling instead of helping that goes on around here. I will say it’s better then some places but then again it’s worse then others. Eitherway here’s my opinion/advice take it for what it’s worth. You can either inject your delts, glutes, quad, or ventro-gluteal (sp?) and if you choose to use AAS you should be able to rotate all those areas yourself maybe limiting certan areas due to your largeness…then again I dont’ know who’s really that large vs. who’s that inflexible. I’m not calling you either bro just saying that’s how most of us have learned and I’m sure you picked up some pretty decent techinique pinning your juice partner.