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Oh Tequila


I have not had any. That stuff will knock me on my ass every time.

But that is what we pound here in San Diego. We have Shooters, and Poppers. Shooters, are… shots of Tequila. But Poppers are for those of us who are stupid enough to hope the border into Mexico.

A Popper is when you are sitting in some dive bar in Tijuana and usually some huge breasted woman comes up behind you, grabs your head and pulls it back, pours a shot of tequila in your mouth, covers it with a wet, tequila soaked wash cloth,

Pressed the back of your head between her enormous tits (still covering your mouth) and then shakes your head side to side while blowing a whistle in your ear.

Oh why… why… why. did I ever think that was fun while growing up. And how did I ever survive high school and the 20’s?

Anyone else have Tequila moments.

I would share more but I don’t really remember all of them.

Although… that donkey show in TJ… well…

The only sad tequila moments are the one you remember and can talk about…sigh. Whoever goes to the Test Fest if there is one next year we will have to have tequila night!!

I think tequila is the most misunderstood and under appreciated liquor, because of the silly college rituals that involve the drinking of the cheap stuff.

My favorite high octane spirit for sure.

First time I decided to take a double shot…was with tequila. The end of the pre-drink was near and we were about to head downtown.

I slammed back the double shot, looked tough doing it…but it didn’t stay with me very long haha. I managed to recover and make it out for the night but tequila was defiantly a poor choice.

It is OK, I can take it or leave it.

Long story short, Tequila helped me know it was right to marry my wife.

My family and my wife’s family are pretty much two sides of the same coin. Polar opposites on some levels, but have more in common than they both think.

Anyway when I graduated college, my family drove out, the whole bunch, and my in-laws (weren’t my in-laws at that point) insisted we have a grand BBQ at their house. I get along great with my in-laws, but this takes a lot of effort on my part, and my MIL and I are oil and water sometimes. So my mother and grandfather and her just wouldn’t work.

When I found out about this get together, my first though was Cabo Margaritas. I made pitcher after pitcher. My father in-law was so wasted he couldn’t work a chair he has owned for 34 years at that point, and my grandfather passed out and drooled on himself in the living room. It was fantastic, everyone relaxed and laughed and had a good time.

So thank god for Tequila.

Sorry if this isn’t the kind of story your looking for, but the “I used to work in a liquor store and drank $300 tequila to impress chicks, oh and a few ended up in bed with me” story just doesn’t seem like fun anymore looking back.

Drive to Oklahoma to visit the university with a (male) high school buddy of mine. We shared a hotel room. Who knows what our parents were thinking???!?!? I had a fifth of Jose, we drank too much too fast, there was some kissing, some puking, no sex, and lots of entertaining gossip.

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[quote]pushharder wrote:
Ask me about two nights ago and my bottle of Patron.[/quote]

I have more of an idea about that than I’m willing to think about right now…

[quote]pushharder wrote:
Ask me about two nights ago and my bottle of Patron.[/quote]

Pics or didn’t happen. And I promise to capture some pics one day of my own, Push.

[quote]pushharder wrote:
Ask me about two nights ago and my bottle of Patron.[/quote]

The meesus already told us a little bit of it. Bastard.

Anything 100% de Agave is good. Otherwise I’d just as soon drink paint thinner.


I had just come back from a 3 week stretch on an offshore oil rig, I was thirsty and horny. Me and couple buddies started out at dive where you paid a $5 dollar and then drank for free until 11:00PM. After that we hit up a pool hall where my buddy decided it was Patron for the rest of the night.

The last thing I remember was standing at the bar with girl on each side of me and 3 tequila shots in front of me. The girls weren’t tequila enthusiasts so I slammed all three. The next morning I woke up with an unknown brunette, a split lip, and one of the nastiest black eyes ever.

I did alot of growing up among the Texas/Mexico border towns, where you were never more than 20 miles from a “Boystown”. Back then it was OK to pass out in a Mexican bar at 5:00 AM after drinking $1 tequila and 25 cent Sol beer.

Boystowns are known for the hookers and the infamous donkey show, the grand finale of the night. What’s really disturbing are some of the opening acts invovling various fruits, ping pong balls, cellphones, and some poor drunk bastard who actually decides to eat the banana after its been used in the show.

viva la mexico

I lost my virginity to a girl named Tequila.

The first time I ever got drunk was on Tequila, I was 14…on a camping trip in Paradise California. It was an ill fated trip ( I got alcohol poisoning) with my best friends ‘step dad’… but we brought weed and booze. Get your minds out of the gutter, it wasn’t THAT ill fated. My best mate Jeni and I hiked away and drank tequila in the bushes and smoked a huge joint. She was smart and only took a few shots, me however… I thought I would feel drunk immediately, and when I didn’t…I kept at it. I’m no quitter.

I drank so much tequila I puked in my sleep. All over. Bon Scott and Janis Joplin style, only I lived. I had to wash off in freezing water the next day, in a waterfall actually. Washing your drunk, puked in hair off in a waterfall that is freezing cold is something most of us don’t forget. I haven’t. But… I still indulge once in awhile in tequila. …and that taste, you know… that fucking taste, it never ceases to remind me. I used to hate that it reminded me, now though, that I’m a bit older… I don’t mind it so much.

[quote]PonceDeLeon wrote:
I think tequila is the most misunderstood and under appreciated liquor, because of the silly college rituals that involve the drinking of the cheap stuff.

My favorite high octane spirit for sure.[/quote]

Respectfully disagree, the most misunderstood and under appreciated alcohol is any/everything above 151 proof. I don’t know anybody who “likes” the taste of any alcohol, so the faster you can get the most potent stuff in you the faster you get the desired effect.

Onto the topic! Cabo Wabo and Hotel California are my favorites. Only because I’ve partaken in both in their native land of Mexico. Otherwise I won’t touch the stuff, I had a night where I drank too much too fast and was doing a sloppy sad strip tease for a bunch of girls and a few guys who I’m still questioning why they were watching.

Seriously, if you don’t want to see it then stop sitting on the couch with the other guys/girls and leave the room, because apparently I’m too drunk to know any better and the girls cheering isn’t stopping me. Fags.

The first, and pretty much last time I hung out with Jose Cuervo at my high school senior week in Ocean City, MD. I remember doing a shot or two and then we all thought it was a great idea to take swigs straight out of the bottle and pass it around. When it got to me, one of my friends said “you have to drink the rest!”

I took one gulp, thought about swallowing it for a good ten minutes, swallowed, and I think everyone knows what happened at that point. Of course after my prayers to the porcelain god I said “gimme another one!” Yeah, I wasn’t too smrt back then.

on more than occasion Tequila was involved with black-outs , injuries , and visits to the local Detainment Facility .

aaaahh…the good old days