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OH Static Holds After Lateral Raises?

i got this idea when i was taking my 2x a week class at a tech school, car repair for dummies, its not really called that but you get the idea. i had to hold the exhaust pipe while somebody attached it to the hole thingamajig. i held it in a half military press position for about twenty seconds and fatigue started seeping into my side delt. i figured it would hit my front delt, which is very easy to hit, but it got the side delt.

so today when i was fervently doing lateral raises i picked up a pair of 25lb dumbbells after my set and held it in a half military press and the fatigue immediately went right to the side delts.

is this a good idea or a waste of time?

okay well you can try it on your shoulder day. my side delts are sore today.

I could see iso holds being very effective at the end of a delt work out. Arms pushing out as hard as you can around 45 degrees against someone squeezing from both sides sorta deal. Just gotta find someone willing to do it =/

all that isnt neccesary. just do lateral raises then hold the dumbbells in a half press position. you will immediately feel it in your side delts. not your front delts, and not your traps.
i suppose it is similar to the delt triad. except i would not do reps because it would irritate my shoulder.