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OH Squat Pulls On My Back

When I do the Overhead squat, my back becomes really tight. Its not the same time of discomfort after squatting or Deadlifting heavy. Rather, I want to sit down in the squat, but my back isn’t capable

anyone else have this problem?

This is the reason overhead squats are used in movement screens. There can be so many things wrong and usually weaknesses become glaringly apparent during this lift. I am working on them myself and I know what your talking about. I would guess the following need work:

Glute Flexibility
If you have trouble with snatch grip deads and overhead squats glute flexibility is a likely problem. Basically, your back is having to do alot more work than it should because your hips are too tight too let your back stay locked in neutral.

Spinal Erector Strength
Along the same lines, your back is probably not very strong or just not accustomed to deep squat positions, especially overhead and front squats. However, when your hip flexibility comes around your back will usually catch up very quickly.

Lat Flexibility
If your lats are tight and you cannot internally rotate your humerus and be able to lock your arms in the correct position you will most likely be holding the bar too far forward which will result in too much torque on your back.

Work on these and you should come around…

where in ur back? Definitely your hip flexors if you’re referring to ur lower back. Kicking thai bags alot i constantly have to stretch my hips now

it might be the hip flexors that are tight. it causes my butt to have to stick back uncomfortably to get into position.

its right above the glutes that tightens up