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Oh Sifu.....


...I think you owe me some money mate.


I'm frightfully sorry old man, but I not the one who bet money with you. I didn't bet with you because I know what a fickle bunch of tossers the British electorate are. ie there is no reason why Labour should have any support left but they do.

Hopefully the Tories will deliver something much better but I have my doubts they will with the Libs in tow. The next twelve months could do a lot to further undermine faith in the big three. Labour and Lib Dems don't have the money to fight another election in twelve months. This next year will be interesting.


Oh so now you are going to welch. Typical!



Oh Sifu...time to get the credit card out


You know Cock I'm not the smartest guy around....and maybe thats it....but I just can't see where he made a bet with you. In fact I get the distinct feeling that he didn't. I read the page you linked to and can't find it. The closest reference was this:

Where Sifu clearly tells you to go ahead and make the bet with the other bloke.

I think an apology is in order.


That was him taking the bet. There is another thread where it was mentioned as well, just can't find it at the moment (search function here is great.)

I was accusing him of dick tucking for not having the courage of his convictions and he folded and took the bet.

Had one of the slimy pricks from the BNP somehow crawled into the commons I would have been PMing Sifu and sending him the money straight away.


Cockney I respect your perseverance but you got it wrong. 300andabove is the one who took your bet. Here is what he wrote on page 21...

"Cockney i'll do it, hell raise it to whatever you want.

I 100% personally GUARENTEE there WILL be a BNP person in parliment after the next election.

Obviously you don't live where i live or you would know what is happening.

PS: People are FED UP with everyone coming here and calling it home ! English are becoming a freaking minority in their OWN country !


Tell you what if I'm ever in Mexico I'll buy you dinner because you gave me a good laugh. Peace.


England is now the Weimar Republik of the 21st century -- major parties that can't do jack shit except all agree to drive the debt ever higher and let more people who have no love of Britain into the country. England is losing its national identity and its character to Eastern Europeans and Islamic jihad-lovers.

When the economy collapses (just like in 1930's Germany) a party that CAN do something will arise, since the people see the major parties as vacuous. I doubt it'll be the BNP simply because they espouse freedom and local control. It'll be something WAY worse than anything we can now imagine.

People in Britain had the BNP option and blew it. Now they'll get a REAL fascist government. The dumb fucks deserve it.


LOL fair enough, reading what was posted above again I can see that I took it the wrong way. Can I go back to ragging on you for not having the courage of your convictions?

If you are ever down here in Mexico, you buy the dinner, I'll buy the drinks.


I guess I should let you know that my visit Mexico after I have fulfilled my life long ambition of visiting Havana to stroll the Malacon after having my fill of Hineteras... So it will be a while. :wink: