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Oh S**t! Darren Sharper!


But I put the team on my back though.




wasn't funny till the last line


what kind of prevent defense was that. He must have been playing against a five year old.


That was definitely not a prevent defense. . . just saying. :slight_smile:


the tard has 8 in the box. I would have broken jennings other leg. If I was allowed to play madden anymore. Which I'm not!


hahah howd you pull that one off?


If you mean why am I not allowed to play madden anymore its because of addiction/compulsion whatever you want to call it. I can't really play any video games but madden was the big problem. Almost flushed myself out of college on that one. So pathetic.


That's the defense of a man who's spirit was broken. He probably was expecting a delay draw and the dude called an audible or something, either way it was horrible.

The interesting question is why the fuck is he starting Greg Jennings when he broke his leg earlier in the game. No subs in this game?

He put the team on his back though!

It's times like these I miss playing Madden.


I hate playing Madden because of shit like this.


If that was the last play of the game, and the go-ahead score, why was the other guys spirit broken?

I think he collaborated with his friend to unlock some kind of acheivement on that there xbox machine.

Especially because the angles the defender takes were god awful--

either collaboration or he was playing against someone with special needs.

Either way its very important that we figure out this mystery!!!!!!!!!


I just wish he had enunciated just ONE word properly during his stupid little diatribe. He sounded like he had about 3 teeth left in his head with a swollen tongue.