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OH Press - Scap Tucked?


Should you tuck your blades down and in (basically chest all the way up) when doing OH Press? Right now I am juust getting under the bar and rolling my arms under the bar, which leaves me slightly rounded. Thinking that this puts me in a weak/dangeorus position


yes. but most people don't have the mobility for that (hence some people say that most people shouldn't be doing overhead pressing). if you google overhead pressing / shoulder mobility / thoracic mobility within the site some stuff will come up... wall slides are ringing a bell...




if you need mobility exercises definitely check out this site


mobilitywod has some amazing exercises that help with all that kind of stuff.


yep hjust tried today, very hard to do. can stay in neutral with bar on delts but not tucked. time to mobilize


Its the only way to shoulder press IMO.


I have no idea what people are talking about when they say this. To raise your arm overhead, your scapula glides around your ribcage. If you don't allow this to happen, your shoulder impinges.