OH Press: Pause on Upper Chest or Touch and Go?

Or is it personal preference

I used to touch and go for the first few cycles but then i decided to reset and start pausing everything, not just OHP but squats and bench.

The problem i find with doing touch and go is that its too easy to start cheating a little just to try and improve your Rep PB. Each week i was subconsciously cheating a little more each time until soon i was only lowing to my chin!! I was just getting so obsessed with PR’s that i didn’t realise the crappy range of motion i was doing!

With Pause reps its a lot harder and your reps will take a massive hit to begin with but ive found i have developed much more strength and power from pausing and i also know that every rep is consistently the same.


For the press and the bench press - I recommend a pause. It doesn’t have to be a long pause - just enough to maintain control and to keep the threat of cheating.