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Oh No! Look at what they`ve done to Battlestar Galactica!




I saw the preview on SCIFI they turned half the charcters into women. I just not ready for Starbuck to be a woman.....


Welcome to Poli-Sci-fi... the new politically correct version of Sci-Fi you knew and loved.


it's on tonight, if the games sucks ass i'll give it a shot, but edward james olmos? there's no vatos in space?wtf


Yea, it's politically correct now to have the good guys be female. It's just so unrealistic watching a 110lb female beat up three two hundred pound men. LOL TV is a joke...many movies too for that matter.


Of course...

Who expects politics to make sense? Or for that matter any please everybody production?


Hehe...you guys are Trekkies...hehe


Yes I am a nerd... Well did anyone see this, opinions?

I haven't watched it yet but I did tape it. I'll watch tonight.


Is the female Starbuck a horndog, like her predecessor?


Seems the Cylon will be the horndog.

(Now what did they smoke to get there...?)


i watched it.wasn't bad, tonights should be better(action wise). i don't remember much of the original series let alone the time line. i remember more buck rodgers and that lil robot. but this seems to be 40 years after the first series? and the cylons are back.



I have to disagree. The actress that was supposed to be StarBuck was laughable. I couldn't watch the damn show after fifteen minutes. The Sci-Fi has successfully made stinking cesspool out a potentially fun storyline.

Too bad.

(Her poor attempts at trying to look like she knew how to smoke a cigar as well as her "fighting face" emabarassed me... for her sake. That and the opening scene where she's running her fat ass around the BattleStar... what a crock.)


i was a lil kid when it came out and so is this just a remake? or is it picking up where the original left off? yeah that chick was kinda lame.


Ok, So I was in HS when the original was out. This one doesn't pick up from that story, it's a different spin on the same story with some "reto-galatica" thrown in to give you the same feel for it.

I watched both last night and I liked it, didn't love it, but I liked it. The star buck girl does suck. She just has a "I'm not a bad ass, I'm just an actress" kind of quality about her. Not that a women couldn't be Starbuck, this one just sucks at it. Maybe Buffy would have been better.

I thought the cylon's were really bad ass looking, both their ships and the metal warrior's. All they used to say in the old show was "By your command" I only heard that once last night. All in all I gave it a "B" lets see what happens when they reach earth looking for some help and we have just barely made it to the moon.


ahh man don't tell me any more.lol
i had a feeling they were going to earth, he just told her he made it up so she would leave him alone. yeah the cylons looked cool remind me of the techno army in clone wars.


Sorry about that, Well errrr, the original series did made it to earth. Who knows what this one will do.

I want two cylons in the gym guarding the squat rack waiting for unauthorized curling!


so that was it? two 2 hour movies? if that what 5 months of comercials was all about that's pretty GAY!


I didn't see it but...they took out all the elements that I liked on the show. Not that I remember much from the original. But I loved the stupid ass capes and shit they wore...now back to lame ass jumpsuits for everyone. So in the future were are apparently doomed to all wear the same fucking clothes. I liked that the cylons were metal robots. They are human looking now...because they are suppose to be superior models...or something. In reality they wanted to cheap out on there effects budget. F-them straight to hell and the bus they road in on! Hollywooded again. Assholes. That is all. :wink:



ARC-CO: Very similar feeling here.

By the number of answers you posted recently, Ill that that youre on fire! ;0)


well i guess that was it then, shame on sci-fi