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Oh No! I Squatted on Back Day!

And it felt fantastic.

I acknowledge the discipline required for bodybuilding is developed by following ones workout and is necessary. All day leading to my workout I felt like doing legs. I never feel like squatting. So I broke the plan and had some of the best-feeling lifts I’ve experienced so far.

Now, I realize this shouldn’t become a habit. But can I get some feedback on others feelings about breaking your scheduled routine? Should I have stuck to it and done back today?

By the way, I’m using the original schedule outlined in “Do This Routine Instead of That Dumb One.”

There is nothing wrong with it. Somedays I go to the gym and when it is leg day I feel like I am going to be strong in my triceps and it turns out to be the best workout I have for tris.

It’s always nice to change up the routine to have variety.

I front squat on OHP day

I pull on squat day… And squat on deadlift day. I also row and other back work on bench day… Damn my schedule must be crazy (this is a joke)