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Oh my god!

I just did the hardest exercise ever! Glute-ham raises from the Renegade program. Does anyone have any tips on these? I can barley make it down a 1/4 of the way before I fall and 1/4 of the way before I can contract the muscles to bring my body back up. My hamis’ felt like they were going to rip normal for the first time? Thanks guys

Stick with it, you are normal. The best way to get better is to do them on a regular basis, the only tip is to use your hands as required, you will improve.

Advice: Do them!

If you enjoy the feeling of being humiliated in the gym, I recently had the same effect from the partial dragon flags in Christian's ab training routine this week. Hope this helps. :-)

Bro, there is no way to make it any easier. I had the same problem you did when I first started doing them. But they work well if you stick with them. I could only get 5-7 reps, and that was with me collapsing about halfway down and having to push myself off the ground to get back up! Just keep doing them! I’m about to begin Renegade Training again, so I’ll be right back to feeling the pain!

I’ve got a bit of a bone to pick with the naming of this exercise. I don’t really think it’s a glute-ham raise. To do a GH-raise, you need the proper machine. It’s sorta similar to a back hyperextension machine, but the movement is different. They have pictures of the Westside guys doing glute-hams here on T-Mag, somewhere. I like to call this movement Archuletta’s, aftert he former Arizona linebacker and current NFL safety. Why? Because I watched a sportcenter report on him where he was doing positive reps with a 25lb plate held at his chest. It looked like he could do 20, the way he blasted his reps up. Crazy. Anyway… my $.02 and/or perogative regarding these exercises. (Both are killer, btw!)

Stick with it, you will see your hams blow up. Plus your speed will pick up

I agree with Ike. It’s really the top portion of a glute-ham raise. I guess you’d call it a ham raise.

Try using a pulldown machine. Hook your feet into the seat so that you're facing away from it and hold the bar behind your head. The more weight you use, the more assistance it will give you.

Set up on the side of the power rack. hook one pin at the bottom of the rack. Thread another pin through the loops of two mini bands. Make that pin about six feet high. Now attach the bands around your shoulders. this works great and you can move the top pin down as you get stronger.

I had the same problem when i first began to do these about a year ago… I got turned on to them via Westside. My hams have gotten unbelievably strong since begining these. I do them two time a week. Am i have done as many as 15 of them at a time. Just go down as far as you can and over time it will make your squats go through the roof. good luck

Just wanted to say: excellent idea! Think I’ll try it myself…