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Oh my god what next!!!

Ok here’s how it happened… My wife and me had our 5th anniversary in sept. As a present her folks gave us a gift cert for a swanky restaurant and a babysitting pass for the kids for one night. Well because of work etc. we hadn’t been able take advantage of it until the other night. So around 5 or so I take a cialis and pack the kids in the car and take em to grandmas (keep in mind I am still working off the half life of a gram a week of test.) When I am on the way home I am thinking very cool… 24 hrs of no kids… relax… and I am so thinking I am gonna ruffle the wifes feathers… Well I got home practically got a boner already and she’s in bed… She had a 101 fever and was taking trips to the head alternating positions at the porceline throne… It really sucked to be me… Don’t even ask what I ended up doing this night… FUCK!!!

You should have told her to stop being so selfish, women are so lazy…

lol rick. yeah just tell her you dont want to do it to her head… no seriously though. that sucks. a boner and nothing to do with it. just aint right. thank god for porn

Bro, that SUCKS! Sorry to hear about it.BTW who’s your favorite little rascal is it Alfalfa or SPANKY?

sometimes you have to take matters in your own hand.lol I could nt resist.

bro im sorry and call me selfish, but i would have hit that shit anyways. shit if i had to id wait until she fell asleep then slide it in while shes in stage 4.


Cripe, you guys gotta learn to think on your feet!

One time I hopped out of the shower while my gf was sitting on the potty. I just stuck it right in her mouth, I mean it was right there, what else was I supposed to do?

With my T-levels coming back I’m getting freakishly horny again, I think I’ll start a sex thread in Off Topic.

C’ya there!

that’s cuz it would have only taken p-dog 1.5 mins, and she probably wouldn’t have noticed.lol

Yeah, nor would she probably have had to open very wide of course she didn’t notice… (sorry bro you made a bullseye with that one…)

Naw Spanky was how I handled that particular little rascal… too funny though I know 2-3 chicks from the gym who I know without doubt I could get into if I wasn’t such a stupi- I mean stand up guy… as it was I got really good at finding the good clean sites woo hoo. Just the way I wanted to spend that night.

you should ask the in-laws for another free night, since neither of you had a chance to enjoy it. besides that’s what grandparents are for.

Just look at the bright side. You will get to make it up to her one day. Go way out of your way and suprise her with a Vegas Trip or something, that should heal the both of you. :wink:

stage 4 of rem sleep. that is the depest stage. you know, when you have all the wet dreams n stuff.

What was that old comedian’s name? Buddy…wHACKIT?!

yeah i vote for a refund.

Damn bro that sucks!
Hope you can get a refund…

Welcome to my world.

Tenman’s got cabin fever. It’s rifle season is it not? How many can you take this year? The beautiful land of Michigan, where the deer outnumber the men.