Oh my god. 54% of US military is overweight

Not good as overweight soldiers cant fight in Iraq, geez what will the pentagon do?

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I bet over 90% of us posting here are “overweight”. Poor nomenclature can produce shocking results.

Like jared said, the army uses archaic weight and tape tests to determine if you are overweight. All the swole I guys I knew would get threatened with being discharged if they didn’t lose weight and they were ripped. Also, there are alot of jobs other than combat-arms in the military, pretty much anybody whose MOS requires them to be in good shape is. They would get major remedial PT if they weren’t.

Forrester is right. When I was in I ran several weight control programs for my troops, because if you were over weight and could not correct the problem they would drum you out of the military.
The program was and is poorly designed. Experience one: In my final year of college I had built myself up to 208 pounds and 7% bodyfat (I was a Sports Medicine Major). I was required to drop my body weight below 189 lbs, so I could enter active duty. My athletic preformance was not factored in. Since then the program has ungone several rebirths and only once did they use the pinch test as a measure of fatness. The current program is the biggest joke yet. And it was developed by Army Doctor’s. Best of Luck.

I know a lot of National Guard guys who are fat.

Well I kind of agree and disagree I think they do use a wrong scale in the military but if your a reserve or in the national gaurd I think they are overweight. When the national gaurds and reserves came to NYC after 9/11 I woulds 54% were overweight or looked out of shape. Kind of sad. But who cares as long as the MARINES and Special forces units are not overweight who cares will just have the overweight group moniter our state of the art Missles things like that.

To the best of my knowledge they use BMI, which we all know would consider just about everyone on this board overweight with many in the obese category.

It is sad that the government spends billions of dollars buying the latest, up to date equipment for the military, but they can’t afford to upgrade their measuments of health. My husband is in the army and he was taped one time and was told he was overweight even though he has six pack. I don’t get it.

There is a guy in the reserves in my area who is so muscualar and thick that they couldn’t find any uniforms to fit him. He was a short guy but really massive. The guy was nothing but muscle and the army told him he had to lose weight or lose his job.

There’s a thing called MAP (military appearance program)or something like that. It basically means that you have to look decent in uniform. It’s only been enforced, in my experience with the Navy & USMC’s, when a person is too muscular to be in uniform. Sad but true.

54%, I wouldn’t doubt it. Can’t agree with the “who cares” argument because they are warriors first and their jobs second. Too many forget this. Same goes for cops or firemen. If you’re going into this then stay in shape. Sheeesh, they give you time to work out and encourage, if not demand it and still people find ways to scam and get obese. Sad, really sad. Croooz

sad but true alot of guys are overweight. but some of us that do go and fight are really in top shape it is mostly the paper pushers who are the ones that are overweight