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Oh Monkey, you serve me well....

Better than a trunk monkey.

Thank god the little time you spend here is spent well. How lame it’d be if you actually discussed training and shit.

Here’s another nice addition to anyone’s home interior decor.

Zev, by discussion of training do you mean that of small hairy servants? It’s easy. He LOVES animal crackers.

Stay Tuned for next Fall’s network TV comedy/action sensation: “Me and My Monkey Butler”. About a Jewish undercover milk and meat inspector posing as a monkeybutler for a rich, international male gigolo. Exotic locations (Poughkeepsie, anyone?), mistaken identities, hilarity and nonstop action ensues.

Patricia, that photo brought a tear to my eye - and another forkful of manicotti to my mouth. I think I know what my next Christmas card will look like.

There’s “training and shit” here???

“If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide”

~ Mohandas Gandhi