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Oh Great Another Dude Has A Strongman Log (mattjp's log)



Hey, some of us work in STEM fields that use metric all the time. I automatically do the conversions from KG in my head. The only one that isn’t intuitive to me is degrees C to F, 35 degrees just doesn’t sound hot…


Haha, and for me, 32 degrees doesn’t sound like it is freezing…

It’s all about what you were raised with! My grandparents use Fahrenheit, but it seems we have drifted to using Celsius over the past couple generations.


I actually always figured Canadians used kg at least for lifting.

The lack of consistency with it is what gets old living in the UK. This morning I weighed myself in stones and pounds, then measured out a morning shake using millilitres which I poured from a pint carton of milk. On the way back from today’s training, where I lifted in kgs, I filled up my car with around 20 litres of petrol. My car gets around 45 miles to the gallon from the litres of petrol I fill it up with. I can drive that car if I drink a 330ml bottle of Coke but if I drink a pint or two of beer then perhaps not. Also I’m 6’3" but that thing over there is about 20 metres away. I know that because it looks about the same length away as the goal would if I were standing on the 18-yard line playing football (not handegg).



Lol, so true. It doesn’t make sense at all… I enjoyed the little paragraph for example though!


I aim to please. Back to how weak I am:

You took my recent heavy triples for this rather than rep maxes so I’m a little less weak than it appears, FYI. Based on 1RMs hit in the past couple of months:

OHP = 63%
BENCH = 50%
SQUAT = 65%

With this you can see my bench lagging more significantly versus everything else. Can’t even blame my long arms because my press is comparatively not terrible.


Oops, missed that. My apologies!

My bench is lagging too! haha
OHP = 255lbs 116%
BENCH = 350lbs 106%
SQUAT = 570lbs 130%
DEADLIFT = 680lbs 124%


“lagging”… right…

My percentages will actually look pretty decent if I can get my strength levels back to what they were 6 months ago, while cutting weight to 175#. Fairly significant “if”, though.


Here’s a good way to strengthen your bench. You can add a lot of volume with bodyweoggt only exercises and do them daily without recovery issues in general. Gymnastics taught me this. I’m addition to your workouts do 10 good pushups on day 1. Add 10 everyday for a month until your doing 300 or so. Obviously you will have to break it up into sets, but once you get used to doing it you should be able to crank out sets of 50 or so with 90 seconds of rest. I promise you this will help your bench.

My coach was a push up nazi and withoutxeven focusong on it my bench is still light years ahead of all my other lifts. At 170lbs bench is somewhere around 335. Not sure if o understand the percentage thing above but I think that would be 135% Give it a shot


At one point I was doing 155lb on the OHP for a single while my best bench was 175lb for a triple or some such.



Friday, 15 March

Only a little bounce back weight-wise as it turns out, up to 216.8 today.


Saturday, 16 March

Weighed in at 217.6 this morning which is grand. Had time to squeeze in a short and sweet full body session.


200 pullaparts
100 dislocates
Limber 11

Bench Press

5x110kg (joint PR, I think)

DB Row
2x8x45kg each hand


Sunday, 17 March

Weighed in at 218.6 today. Average weight for the week is 1.6lbs down from last week.

Have had to wind up simplifying training a bit over the next few weeks before I really focus on events. Doing a M/W/F full body with some lower volume and higher intensity to hopefully hit some PRs before Easter.

Squats felt really solid on Saturday so hoping to carry that momentum forward.


Monday, 18 March

Same weight of 218.6 today for whatever reason.

I don’t want to say I enjoyed today’s session because enjoying squats is a level of masochism I’m not really comfortable with embracing, but it was a refreshing change of pace to not be giant setting everything for the first time in six months.

I was still knackered at the end but a very different kind of tired.


Limber 11
200 pullaparts
100 dislocates



Lat Pulldowns
Done between press sets

Bulgarian Split Squats
Contra-loaded with one DB.
2x8x20kg each leg

Triceps Rope Pushdown

Behind-the-back Double Overhand Holds
Laurance Shahlaei style
30s @ 60kg
30s @ 70kg
30s @ 80kg

Tabata loaded carries w/40kg med ball