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Oh Great Another Dude Has A Strongman Log (mattjp's log)



I’m not. Just trying to eat enough to get recover, which at my body fat level is also sufficient to support some fat loss.

I’m probably 30lbs from being anywhere remotely close to lean and I don’t plan to cut down to 190.


I love new toys! Looks like a cool piece.

Haha, this basically happened yesterday! My wife typically buys the dog and cat food because she doesn’t want me knowing how much money she spends on their food (only the best for our pets…), but yesterday we were running errands together and needed food. Since she is pregnant, I came in to help her (even though she wanted me to stay in the car). She said she was so jealous that I could just carry it under one arm, so I grabbed a handful of the side of the bag, did a front raise, and started walking through the parking lot to the car with the bag out in front of me, lol.


Funny you should bring this up again, because we had our landlord’s handyman over the other day to fix our sink.

Any masculinity I lost by being unable to fix my own sink was regained by pressing one-handed the dumbbell that was tucked away in the corner when he asked about it and felt how much it weighed.


It’s the little things like this that remind you that our hobby has real life benefits.


Saturday, 9 March

Same weight of 219.8 this morning. No cheats planned this weekend so should hold steady.


200 pullaparts
100 dislocates
Limber 11

Strongman: Farmer’s Walks
20m/60ft with drop and turn midway
1x70kg (PR I think)
1x70kg (close to max effort)

Main Giant Set
8x T-bar rows ramping weight
8x bench press
12x lying leg raises

Bench press:

Felt OK. Still infuriatingly weak.

Assistance Giant Set
Four rounds:
10x incline DB bench
25x triceps pushdown
25x facepulls


all week you had amazing sessions!!


Monday, 11 March

Weighed in at 220.3 this morning. Had some weird stomach issues all weekend but seem to be gone now.

Had to rejig my schedule this morning which meant I got to train at 10.30 and not 6.30, but I was pretty pressed for time so decided to work up to a deadlift max, pyramid down some giant sets and then do strongman stuff. Squeezed it into an hour.


200 pullaparts
100 dislocates
Limber 11
KB swings

0x180kg (four plates has to wait…)

Giant Set
3x 24" box jumps
5x deadlifts @ 150, 140, 120kg
12x GHR situps

EMOM for 10m: 100ft farmer’s walk w/drop and turn @ 50kg


Tuesday, 12 March

Down to 218.9 today. Pretty solid training with PRs on all three overhead movements (though one was basically the first time trying it properly… it still counts) which is nice.


Limber 11
200 pullaparts
100 dislocates

EMOM for 10m: 3x axle contiental cleans
I say EMOM - first sets were with empty axle, 30kg and 40kg and I just rested as long as it took to add plates. Next five were with 50kg and I took more than a minute after round eight because I was getting sloppy. Then I finished with:

Axle continental clean & press: 1x60kg (PR, almost by default)

Main Giant Set
5x chinups (no weight added today)
5x strict barbell press
5x GHR halos w/5kg plate
1x Turkish getup each side w/12kg KB

Strict press:
5x52.5kg (5-rep PR)
5x52.5kg (push pressed last rep)

More Strongman
A whole lot of Circus DB clean & presses at 26kg (so a 1kg PR haha). That’s right, I loaded it with the tiniest plates in the gym.

Left arm is a lot worse than my right but I’m not sure how much of that is technical because the rack position feels a lot less stable on the left.


Nice work on the PR’s man and how close was the 4 plate deadlift.


Broke it off the ground but lost it just below mid-shin.

Same as last time I tried it about a month ago, actually. It’s there pretty soon I think.


I tried circus dumbbell for the first time a few weeks ago. Man it was fun. They only had two of them at the gym. One empty was about 90 lbs and the other 160. Needless to say I went with the 90. Good times


Mine’s only 55ish and I have about four months to be able to do double that.

Probably the lift I’m most concerned about, especially as it’s the first lift of the first event and would be a pretty shitty start to the comp if I couldn’t get it.

There’s been some talk in the athletes’ FB group of lowering the weight for the first-time competitors though so fingers crossed…


Wednesday, 13 March

Down to 218.2 today to kick off another miserable PSMF day.

After Easter I’ll drop these. It’s not that they’re not effective, and to be honest they’re not that tough either, but I’ll be switching training up in a way that makes it less feasible.

Thinking of going forward with a M/W/F full-body and T/T/S conditioning. These will obviously focus a lot more on specific events than general strength - basically something overhead, something pulled, something carried each day. Rough idea:

Mon: Axle clean & press // Deadlifts // Loading medley
Tue: Sled drags & pushes
Wed: Circus DB // BB/Axle Cleans // Farmer’s
Thu: Hill sprints/other conditioning
Fri: Push press // Deadlifts // Loading medley
Sat: Car pull/push

Thibs’s’s’s Beast Building looks like it might be a good shout for deadlifts.


Looks like a solid plan


Thursday, 14 March

Down to a 2019 low of 215.9 today, but since I actually ate solid food today I’m going to spring back tomorrow.

Yesterday was also a calorie low, which I was feeling today to be honest. I did hit an event PR (and the first thing I’ve done at comp weight, sort of) but I was ruined after that and barely eked out my giant sets. Threw some bench at the end because I don’t think I’m able to make it in on Saturday.


Limber 11
200 pullaparts
100 dislocates

EMOM weighted carries:
30kg med ball for 20m
40kg med ball for 20m
50kg med ball for 20m
60kg med ball for 20m
80kg plates on loading pin for 20m (PR)

Main Giant Set
8x 12kg KB snatches each hand
5x SSB squats
30s hollow rocks
30s Airdyne

SSB squats:
5x100kg (PR for SSB)

Bench Press
1x75kg (ugh)

Will have to upload a video of my bench later so that someone who knows how to bench can tell me what I’m doing wrong. Hopefully it’s a quick technical fix that can add 10kg and not just a case of me being shit at bench.

Now… who knows how to bench?


Here’s my shameful benching… which to be fair is on a bad day after some squats but still. Feel like it should be a lot higher.


Just remember, if you’re doing strongman, it’s just an accessory lift anyway. Mine is weak, too. I only ever do narrow grip, because I’m paranoid of exploding my formerly-torn pec.


Genuinely think my weak bench is a large part of the reason why Strongman appeals, haha.

I don’t know if it’s massively out of proportion to my other lifts, which are admittedly weak all over, but it definitely feels like it is.

Heavy triples for me would be:

OHP: 57.5ish kg (125lbs)
Bench: 75ish kg (165lbs)
Squat: 120ish kg (265lbs)
Deadlift: 160ish kg (350lbs)

Oh God they look so much worse in lbs when I can compare them to the North American guys here haha.


Well, not that I’m an ideal benchmark, but both of your lower body lifts are a lot closer to mine %-wise than your upper body lifts. Upper body is slower to get stronger and responds better to more volume, in my experience. If you look at the joker sets on my last 5/3/1 3’s week, your deadlift is right up there close to mine, and your squat isn’t far off either. Make sure to keep doing plenty of horizontal and vertical pulling as well, to keep your shoulders balanced.


Haha, quick, just put them in KG so all the North Americans have no idea how heavy it actually is…because we all know they are too damn lazy to do the conversion! (I’m included in this)

I’m pretty sure there is an article on here somewhere (again, too lazy to search for it) regarding what would be considered “impressive” (or something to that effect) in each lift.

It was something like:
OHP = 1x BW (215lbs) 58%
BENCH = 1.5 x BW (325lbs) 51%
SQUAT = 2 x BW (430lbs) 62%
DEADLIFT = 2.5 x BW (535lbs) 65%

The %'s are what % you are of those “impressive” milestones. Again, I might be off with the ratios, but I agree you’re probably a little stronger in your squat/dead vs your bench.