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Oh Great Another Dude Has A Strongman Log (mattjp's log)



Wednesday, 27 February

Up to 222.4 today for some reason, but doing a PSMF as I’ll still have a day of eating before my next session. So if I don’t drop down a little to bring my weekly average down, I’ll be raging.

Also did some stretches/mobility/boring shit this morning briefly because apparently my hips might be in need of it.


Update: 1500kcal and around 220g protein. Not fun, but probably worth doing. Brings my weekly deficit down a good deal at the cost of one miserable day that shouldn’t affect lifting much.


Thursday, 28 February

Down to 219.4 this morning. Unsurprising after a large deficit yesterday. Managed a killer workout today so pretty happy to continue doing this.

No weird hip/quad pain today, so even if deads remain off the table for a while I can still hit squats twice a week.

Need to look into signing up for that kickboxing class on Friday evenings as well, though I’ll see how my weird strain thing goes next deadlift session before I start adding volume.

Workout (PM session)

Limber 11
200 pullaparts
100 dislocates
Glute drills

10 rounds of 3x hang clean & push press w/30s rest and not letting go of the bar

Main Giant Set
8x KB swings w/24kg bell
8x SSB squats
12x GHR situps
5kcal on Concept 2 rower

SSB squats (measured as though SSB weighs 20kg for easier plate maths)
Pitched forward a little on rep #7 of the third set so just did a small increase but I had a ton more in the tank here. These really hit my glutes hard in a way that neither high-bar nor low-bar squats do for some reason.

Assistance Giant Set
Three rounds:
12x good mornings
12x walking DB lunges (each leg)
12x reverse hypers

40kg carry and load almost continuously for 10 rounds. Pretty puketastic.


Friday, 1 March

Back up to 220.4 today just because I have a bit of food in me now. Outrageous glute and lower back DOMS from yesterday.


You always think, “hey feeling good after that” then later that night or next day the DOMS kick in. Looked a great workout.


I saw these ones coming a mile off, actually. Still a breeze compared to when I ran a personalised Powerbuilder program from Brian and had an assistance giant set of 8x split squats/24x walking lunges/10x DB deadlifts and felt like I’d been sodomised by King Kong the next day.


The free version is a ball-buster. Having one laid out that I can’t dial back in my times of cowardice would be a nightmare haha.


Had me lol there


Saturday, 2 March

Weighed in at 221.1 today. Have tweaked my shoulder somehow but I knocked out a few pressups and figured it was OK to bench.


200 pullaparts
100 dislocates
Limber 11

Main Giant Set
Four rounds:
8x T-bar rows @ 25/30/35/40kg
8x bench @ 50/55/60/65kg - pathetic as usual
12x lying leg raises
30s burpees

Will do some paused/Spoto bench in the coming weeks I think.

Assistance Giant Set
Three rounds:
Reverse-grip barbell row
Close-grip bench press
Triceps pushdown

8x car pushes for 20m. Close to EMOM. A couple were with the brakes engaged. Those sucked.


Always good to hear that it was just a minor tweak…hope it reaches 100% soon


It’s a weird one. Still hurts in a very specific ROM. Hopefully nothing to be bothered about.


I know the feeling. I popped my shoulder in December from a sparring accident and tore it up good on the rotator cuff.


Sunday, 4 March

Down to 219.9 today. Shoulder still sore but less so.

@bigpappafrance I’ve dislocated this shoulder a few times and subluxed it dozens but according to an MRI a couple of years ago (last time it happened) I got away without messing up my rotator cuff much. It’s still the main reason for my 300 reps of shoulder stuff as part of my warmup.


That is pretty lucky. I find everything is good till I do rotator cuff work laying on my side. Nasty business. I have an MRI and Catscan on the 22nd so it will be interesting.


Monday, 4 March

Weight held at 219.4 today which is nice after the weekend. Definitely the least-cheaty weekend I’ve had for a while. We did order some Malaysian/Thai on Saturday night but I had what was basically a steak salad and some chicken, so it wasn’t even really a cheat.

Anyway, this didn’t happen today:

But on the other hand, neither did this:

I think I probably had the above in me today, but I didn’t want to push it too hard. Plus, my top set for the day was still a rep PR & an estimated 1RM PR so I was happy to take it.

Oh, and my pec/shoulder is a lot better today although still on the tender side. Hey, does starting a training log with a rundown of my strains and aches make me a real strongman now?


Limber 11
200 pullaparts
100 dislocates
Glute drills

Main Giant Set
8x good mornings w/red bands
8x deadlifts
12x V-sit-ups
30s Airdyne bike

Good mornings: 40/50/55/60kg on the bar + band tension
Deadlifts: 120/130/140/145kg (PR)

Assistance Giant Set
5x front squats @ 60/65/70kg
15x DB rows @ 30kg
6-8x GHR situps w/5kg plate

Light & fast farmer’s walks: 45kg per hand for 60ft w/drop and turn midway. Max 30s rest between rounds. Mostly practicing the drop/re-pick because that sucks.

Decent day all in all.


Tuesday, 5 March

Weighed in at 220.2 today. Shoulder/pec is pretty much back to normal - which is good because my shoulders went through the ringer today.


200 pullaparts
100 dislocates
Limber 11
Waiter Walks

EMOM for 10m:
1 rep each arm Circus DB clean & press (25kg)

First few rounds were pretty bad with no real leg drive and essentially just pressing it - which was tough. It clicked a little more on later rounds though with full body drive taking my shoulder out of the equation more and getting that ‘jump and catch’ motion.

Main Giant Set
8x lat pulldown @ 100kg
8x barbell push press
30s side plank each side
8x overhead med ball throw w/9kg ball

Push press:

Feel I should be doing more weight here but it’s my first time properly training push presses. E1RM for these is ~70kg and my strict press max is 58-60kg.

Assistance Giant Set
12/10/8 reverse-grip bent over row @ 40/45/50kg
12/10/8 incline barbell bench @ 40/45/50kg
3x10 Pallof press

EMOM for 10m:
3x Axle continental clean @ 50kg


Wednesday, 6 March

Down to 219.4 today for 2019’s lowest weigh-in. Hopefully I can beat that tomorrow since today is PSMF day. Already very hungry, so it’s going to be no fun at all…

Got some life gains by way of a reorg of my job/team that hopefully gives me a little more freedom and a lot less of the boring parts of my work in the not-too-distant future.


Thursday, 7 March

Done. Weighed in at 217.8 this morning. Expect it to bounce back a bit tomorrow.

PM Workout

200 pullaparts
100 dislocates
Limber 11

15x3 power cleans @ 40kg
20s rest between triples

Main Giant Set
8x KB swing w/24kg bell
8x SSB squats
20x standing autofellatio crunches @ 60kg
30s Airdyne

SSB squat:

Assistance Giant Set
Two rounds:
10x good mornings
24x DB lunges
12x reverse hyper

Medley: 40kg med ball for 40ft, run back and do a 50kg med ball, then 45kg farmers back 40ft. Did a few rounds EMOM then a break then a couple more and then I got pretty close to puking. Fun.


Friday, 8 March

Bounced back to 219.8. Weekly average is 219.5, which is around 1.5lbs down week-to-week.


What sort of weight are you targeting for the transformation??