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Oh Great Another Dude Has A Strongman Log (mattjp's log)



I would obviously have to try and remember where I left them. Used to own a strongish set though!

From what I’ve seen of the events a squat event is much less common than a deadlift one.


Monday, 14 January

Back up to 224.4 today. Had a cheat meal Saturday (McDonald’s) so not overly surprising.

Given my new access to strongman stuff and a better gym I’ve decided to abandon Monolith and return to @Alpha’s LP in six-week blocks again; that’s two weeks 4x8, two weeks 5x5 and two weeks 10x3. So, new title (again).

I still really want to run Building the Monolith at some stage in my future but at this point I should be prioritising training for the contest. A 25-week prep is pretty long but I have a good bit of work to do.

Plus, I’m pretty fat, so giant sets and conditioning won’t hurt my chances of winning T-ransformation 2019.


In and out in about 85m including warmup.

200 pullaparts
100 dislocates
Agile Eight

Conditioning/Dynamic Warmup
Five rounds, 30s each:
Double KB snatch/barbell row/Airdyne/rest

Main Giant Sets
5x chinups*
8x clean & press @ 40kg**
20x bandy twisty thingies w/red band

5x chinups
8x strict press @ 45kg
20x bandy twisty thingies w/red band

4x chinups
8x strict press @ 47.5kg
20x bandy twisty thingies w/red band

5x chinups
8x press @ 50kg (PR)***
20x bandy twisty thingies w/red band

*These were AMRAP chinups, which is sad considering I’ve hit 8-10 before - though that was 20lbs lighter.

**I was going to take each rep from the floor but realised it would exhaust me too much to get an effective press workout in. I have cleans/clean & presses programmed in later this week so I switched to taking them from the rack.

***Push-pressed the last two of these, but 6x is still a rep PR for 50kg.

Assistance Giant Set
Three rounds:
12x DB row @ 35kg
10x incline bench @ 50kg
12x Russian twists w/15kg plate

Strongman Conditioning
10m EMOM: 2-3x axle continental clean & press @ 40kg
This wasn’t bad. First few sets were dreadful but it clicked a little midway through. Will definitely need to check out some videos and practice this, though.

Question for the strongmen here (@T3hPwnisher @flipcollar @strongmanvinny2 and anyone else): this axle has really aggressive knurling, whereas I believe that most comp axles are smooth and harder to grip.

Is it going to have a significant impact if I train with this? Worth my buying a metal pipe to emulate a smooth axle? Or am I overthinking it?


For a press event, I wouldn’t sweat it too much. More a factor for no strap deads.


oh hai.


I mean, it can make SOME difference on the clean if, especially if you have a particularly weak grip. But that’s mostly if you’re using a double overhand grip to initiate the clean. If you’re going over/under, the effect of the knurling will be minimal.

I wouldn’t worry about it, since it’s not a max weight event, just max reps.


@T3hPwnisher @flipcollar thanks guys, that’s good to know!


Just gonna agree with Flip and Pwn. I once had an axle in my contest in Jan 2017 that had aggressive knurl on it and it fucking destroyed my shins on a deadlift event. Axle’s with knurling are…silly.


Axles seem like they’re getting less …axlely? Diameters are getting smaller, knurling is getting added, etc. I think it’s part of a program to just set more and more “world records” on strongman lifts, which is just stupid.


I hate the rogue axle for that reason, it’s like…less than 2 inches. Like…why?


Tuesday, 15 January

Back down to 223.2 today. Have reduced calories down a bit since I’m not Monolithing, so I expect to see some drop-off. Still eating 6 eggs and about 1lb of beef a day, but that’s just my regular intake.


200 pullaparts
100 dislocates
Glute drills
Agile 8

Metcon/Dynamic Warmup
Tabata: KB swings/Airdyne (2 rounds w/1m rest, so 9m total)

Main Giant Set
5x 24" box jumps
8x deadlifts
10x weighted situps

8x140kg (PR)

Sort of regret not going for 8x145 but not sure I’d have had it today. Still a solid PR over my previous best 140 pull which I think was 5-6 reps.

Secondary Giant Set
15-20 lat pulldowns
3-5x front squats
12-20 reverse hyper (@T3hPwnisher any tips for getting the most bang for my buck out of this now that I have access? I know you love yours as much as you love your wife.)

Front squats:

Farmer’s Walks (light, speed):
5x 25m w/drop and turn, 45kg each hand

This was probably too light, but I think the speed was decent at around 20s per run. Some proper strongmen will tell me that’s shit now but I’m OK with it for my second time ever doing the movement.


No real hot tips on the reverse hyper. I stick with 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps typically.


Thursday, January 17

Down to 222.4 today.

Returned to my old nearby gym, as the Crossfit place is only open from noon today.

I think I’ll try and do an earlier start/finish at work on Thursdays so that I’m able to go there for an early afternoon session going forward, though. It’s just so much better and gives me a ton more options.

Today, squats were disappointing and bench was average, which is weird as it’s usually the other way around.


200 pullaparts
100 dislocates
Glute drills
Flexible Five

Main Giant Set
8x KB swings
8x squats
12x standing crunches


Original plan if the stars aligned was to do 70, 85, 100 and then go for an 8-rep PR at 107.5/110. The stars did not align, though, and these all felt like death.

Secondary Giant Set
12x lat pulldowns
8x bench press
8x cable windmills


Sin é. Not the best day, but I had back-to-back PR days on Mon/Tue so I can’t complain.


Saturday, 19 January

Weighed in at 223 on the nose after a cheaty Kit-Kat last night.



Car push approx 20m (six rounds)

Didn’t have time for much this morning as I need to catch a flight.

This was tough but not bad for the first time doing it and a lot easier than I thought it might be. A 1.4l Astra H with half a tank and a full woman inside is like half the weight of a Land Rover but I’ll have her feather the brake a little next time.


Just got back from Sheffield where I went to watch Britain’s Strongest Man as a Christmas present to my dad and brother (and myself a bit).

Tom Stoltman’s 18s stone run was absolutely unearthly, and Mark Felix hitting 11x 320kg axle deads at 52 was pretty awesome to see as well.

Great fun all in all.


Monday, 21 January

Up to 225.8 after a fairly high-carb weekend. Calorie-wise it was pretty normal, despite an evening of 6-7 pints, so I expect to drop back down.

Those pints did take a little bit of a toll on today’s training, though on the plus side as I’ve never really done clean & presses before every set was a PR!


Flexible Five
200 pullaparts
100 dislocates

EMOM for 10m: 3x “stone” over bar (45kg)
It was actually a super big medicine ball, so it was a stone in shape but a sandbag in feel. Anyway I didn’t shatter my leg like Phil Roberts so all good.

Main Giant Set
5x chinups
5x clean & press
8x GHR halos

Clean & press:
This was pretty tough, but I think mostly down to having absolutely zero clean technique. Something I’ll be practicing a couple of times a week.

Assistance Giant Set
12x T-bar row @ 30/35/40kg
12/10/7x DB press @ 15/20/25kg
10x Russian twists

EMOM axle continental clean triples @ 30-50kg


Tuesday, 22 January

Back down to a cool 222.2.

Wanted to hit 155 or 160 for five reps on deadlifts today for a rep PR or a huge PR, but it wasn’t happening as the fifth rep of 150 was RPE999. Eked out some decent results nevertheless.


200 pullaparts
100 dislocates
Flexible Five
Glute drills

Main Giant Set
8x KB swings w/24kg
5x deadlifts
20x cable crunch

5x130kg (no straps, so a no-strap PR)
5x140kg (strapped up)
5x150kg (joint rep PR at this weight)

Assistance Giant Set
12x lat pulldowns @ 60/75/90kg
8x SSB squats @ 50/60/70kg
12x reverse hypers @ 20kg

I’ll be honest, I only did this to play around with the SSB. Went too low on the first two sets which really aggravated my knee; I did some air squats/lunges after to try and force out the pain and it did a weird poppy-twangy thing and felt OK after.

If I squat ATG it hurts a little coming back up now, but I just took the stairs to the office 2-3 at a time to see how it felt and it was OK.

Farmer’s Walks as fast as possible, done with around 60-90s rest:

15kg each hand, 25m w/drop and turn
45kg each hand, 25m w/drop and turn
55kg each hand, 25m w/drop and turn
60kg each hand, 25m w/drop and too-long pause and turn
65kg each hand, 25m w/drop and prayer and moment to reconsider all my life choices and turn.

This last pair was horribly hard. Once I got moving the actual weight was fine and footspeed was alright as well, but my hands were absolutely screaming. I have tiny little girl hands which doesn’t help this movement.


So what did ya think about the SSB?

Good luck with the knee mine did something similar a week or so back. It’s good but still “off”.


Felt pretty good, but I didn’t go particularly heavy with it to get the full effects. I’m not really experienced/strong enough to get the best use out of it, but it is a pretty fun new way to squat. Insomuch as squatting can be fun…


Wednesday, 23 January

Down to 220.8 today according to the scale in the hotel room.

Decided to forgo 30-45m of active recovery in favour of some inactive recovery and slept in until a decadent 7.45.

Booked a day pass at a nearby gym and packed my Romaleos and belt for squats tomorrow.


Thursday, 24 January

222.3 on the hotel room scale today.

Bad sleep, bad workout, bad gym. Had a squat rack and a bench though which was all I really needed as I hadn’t much time for anything but a bare bones workout.


Flexible Five
Glute drills
200 pullaparts
100 dislocates

Fourth rep was pretty broken so I decided to pass on a fifth, which I now regret.

New bench, felt weird. Struggled to unrack the top sets.

Machine Row

Flying home today and normalcy can resume. Glad I spent the tenner on that gym pass to get some squats in though, even if it wasn’t exactly a PB session.