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Oh Crap. Never Satisfied w/ Results.


This bodybuilding thing is getting out of control for me. Short story:

Started at around 135lb at the age of around 22.

My ultimate target was 150lb. At this point, I would stop lifting weights, because being 135lb I felt that 150lb was a huge number, and that I would be satisfied with my body.

I hit 150lbs, and was completely unsatisfied.

Promised myself to get to 160lb. Same story.

170lb - same story.

Just hit 180lb a few days ago - same story. Completely unsatisfied.

Oh crap, just realised that I'll never be satisfied.

Why did no one warn me of this on the forums huh? You little pack of shits should have told me that this thing would become an obsession.

Dare I say ... I'll be happy at 200lb?


First off, I do not think anyone here ever told you not to be satisfied with yourself. That is a pretty horrible attitude to have; to blame a very helpful intelligent forum.

Be happy in your accomplishments, and obviously keep moving forward. What your are feeling is not uncommon however, I think everyone has gone through that.

You should not equate a number on your scale with happiness or satisfaction, that is irrational and will always leave you with disappointment. Instead focus on where you have come from, and where you are going.

Maybe try focusing on another goal for a little bit?


While the original post was indeed boring and unimaginative, I imagine he was being a little sarcastic.

I bet you pull all the wimmenz with that sense of humor.


Wasn't an attempt to be imaginative. Wasn't an attempt to be humorous. Just a bit of cordiality, masked by sarcasm, towards the members of this board who have been very helpful in my progress.


Cheers mate. Wasn't actually blaming anyone - it was just a bit of sarcasm. You're right about not trying to equate a number on the scale with happiness though - this is what I was doing. I imagine that quite a few people begin like this. I've since learned my lesson.


Attempting to save thread - peace offering above:


Sarcasm is???


Gratz, MagicPunch!

But all people care about is your arms and how much you bench.
So, eligible to post in the 18" arms thread, yet?

How 'bout a comparison shot? Stop hiding behind shapely females. Won't help you now.
This ain't the philosophy forum.

We want to get motivation out of your success.

FightinIrish is a mean meanie.
I bet he's sportin' a beanie.

How's your shoulder, these days?


Why should we suffer alone?


Strong sarcasm detector/reading comprehension.

I know the feeling OP, although just because am not satisfied doesn't mean I'm not happy. Lifting means I look good with or without clothes, so 'sallgood.


Yeah, sorry - I should've been clearer. It is a good thing that I'm not satisfied. What I was trying to get at was the fact that setting goals is a way of getting us closer to our best, but my mistake in the past has been in the fact that I thought that somehow achieving a certain number would be the end all of it.

Its just that a couple of years ago, hours in the gym were the furthest thing from my mind. Now I'm here, and now I can never go back! This will almost certainly become a very long term commitment.


Grats dude. I think part of being successful is NOT ever being happy with yourself.

Keep up the good work, and remember the scale isn't everything.


How tall are you?


I won't be satisfied until I look like Arnold. Therefore, I will never be satisfied lol