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Well...Torino is officially over, and Vancouver is up next! (Unlike Gumbel, I enjoy the Winter AND Summer Olympics)!

Just some questions for my Canadian Friends:

1) What kind of place is Vancouver, and has the "buzz" and hype already started for 2010?

2) Home games are always special to the athletes. Is that even more so for the Winter Olympics in Canada?

3) Okay...the Canadians are cool! But what was the deal having the team wear what we in the States know as "hoser" hats??? (Those hats with the ears?)


(By the way...I recently realized that my High School Anthem "Oh, Carver, School...! is actually set to the tune of the Canadian National Anthem "Oh, Canada!!!)

Go figure!

Anyway...by all indications, Vancouver should be fun!



"Hoser" Hats!!!




Here is the Link to the Vancouver Games Website:


(Wow...it looks like a beautiful place!)



By the way...

She's cute...he looks like he's going to get some beer and go on some kinda' Gay Ice Fishing trip!


(Just kidding!)


Thanks Mufasa, i know we're cool! :stuck_out_tongue:
Personally i asked my self the same question when i saw those hats at Torino's games, and i'm still asking myself! Maybe somebody else can answer this big question ?!?


Buzz and Hype has definitely started. It's been unaturally cool here lately, and those ear flap hats look quite warm. For a chick of course......... the guy in that picture IS gay. Those hats cost 80 bucks Canadian by the way.

The traffic here in 2010 will be a nightmare. Our road system is so antiquated now, that rush hour is about 8 hrs. Google 'Lions Gate Bridge' for a real eye opener. It's 3 lanes. That's 2 lanes one way, and 1 lane the other way. They switch back and forth, depending on the traffic flow. Then, there's the George Massey Tunnel, or whatever they refer to it as now...... 2 lanes each way, BUT they switch it to 3 one way and 1 the other during rush hours. So, you're in a tunnel below the river, with oncoming traffic about 1 foot away from you, and cement walls on both sides. If an oncoming driver drops his smoke, or twitches with his cell phone.......... it's all over, baby.

Otherwise, yes, Vancouver is very cool. And Whistler, Blackholm is an awesome ski area, and EXTREMELY trendy. Trendy to a fault, I'd say.

\|/ 3Toes


Somehow I have a STRONG feeling that Canada's medal count will surpass the one of the Torino Olympics.

Being on their "home turf" can't do anything but fuel the competitive fire of the Canadian Athletes.

Any ideas on rather they will be doing some careful scrutiny of the overall performance of Canada in Hockey at Torino? From what I understand, this had to be the most disappointing of all the loses.



Only thing I hope for is to get a better coach than Wayne Gretzsky. Super player don't always make super coach.

I think you're right on Canada's fighting spirit on it's own turf. It's pretty much the same for everyone anyway. I'm glad the female athletes did so well, but damn I hope men are gonna put up a better figure next time.

Still 24 medals and 5th on the overall rating isn't bad. Props to the germans too, they deserve it


Quinn was coach, Gretzky was GM. Gretzky has actually done reasonably well in his first year in Phoenix. They're a young team rather light on talent and yet he has kept them at least in the race for a playoff berth for much of the season.


Yup, I'm thinking they'll be looking for ways to improve the mens' performance a little bit the next time around. I just wish that some of the younger players could have gotten some experience playing in these Olympics, as a prep for 2010. Even so, I think we'll have a take no prisoners mentality when 2010 rolls around for hockey.


My idea for the opening ceremonies is that they should bring Todd Bertuzzi to centre ice and let Marty McSorley club him in the back of the neck. Bertuzzi is a big sack of dump... every hockey fan outside of Vancouver would love it. I can't believe he made the Olympic team.



This was a very foolish post. Maybe Mcsorley could club Iginla or Ryan Smyth.


I think we all can agree that Canadians are VERY passionate about their Hockey!



I agree Bertuzzi is a bum and never should have been on the team. I can't believe that they would pick Bertuzzi but Crosby doesn't get picked, whats he got, like 30 points on Bertuzzi? I don't understand Bunyan's reply, wtf does Iginla and Smyth have to do with anything?


Gretzky wasn't the coach he was the General Manager. Big difference. Pat Quinn was the Coach. I do however agree that they need a new Coach and GM for that matter.


Enough of the Hockey Hijack.

I for one had intentions of going to Torino but didn't make it. Life and work and drama got in the way.

Now the goal is Vancouver and I can't wait. My brother and I are already making plans. I want to party with the Dutch speed skating fans at least once before I die. That has to be the craziest crew of fans ever.



Yup, my bad! My point being his rather poor, and somewhat (!!) partial choice of players.

So guys, any recommendations for 2010
GM and coach?


As much as you are of hoser hats. Tell me when your birthday is coming, I'll send you one. My treat, Mufasa!


When a thread is titled "Oh, Canada", Hockey talk isn't a highjack it's a TRUMP. LOL