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OH CANADA, Canadian Content, Eh?

There’s a thread floating around regarding Androsol shipment to Canada. It’s seems it’s turned into a Canadian’s T-Mag support group. Just figured I’d round up all my fellow Canadians, find out where they live and what gym the lift at.
I’m in Toronto. Work in the Fitness Center at the Boulevard Club and I’m a student at George Brown College. I work out at those two gyms. Not the best, by far, but free. MY NAME IS BIGROB AND I AM CANADIAN!!!

Bigrob, oh yeah, a CDN T-mag support group is definately in order! We need a place to gripe about the supplement laws and share our T-wisdom. I work out at the Bloor JCC at Bloor & Spadina and work for a brokerage firm in downtown Toronto. I’m 28 years old and live in the High Park area. Okay, let’s here from the rest of you Canadians! Where do you live, workout, etc. Clobro (Kyle)

I go to U of T, live just south of George Brown (in the Tdot ghetto) work at a discount brokerage and train at school.

Clobro, colin, whazzup? I guess I forgot, I’m 23. The program I’m in is the Fitness and Lifestyle Management Program. Mostly geared toward facility management and personal training. Make no mistake though, I don’t want to be a PT. Strength and Performance Coaching is where I’m at. Peace.

After my first bodybuilding competition I was so sick of the local sportsplex gym (beginner/kiddie gym, you have to start out somewhere) I decided to move up to a real gym. Florida fitness has a kickass atmosphere, I feel so much more at home now! (lots of big guys to motivate me there, I became one of the big guys at my old gym) Anyway that’s all here in Ottawa, I’m 19 and starting at Algonquin College in a few weeks, Oh canada . . .

NewGuy, welcome to the froum, eh!

Thanks, I’ve been reading for a while, and finally decided it was time to participate, but you know how cold it is in our igloos. Hey guys, screw surge, canadian bacon + beaver tail = ultimate post-workout formula, hahaha, sorry . . .

What’s up dawgs! I am a proud Canadian currently attending school in Hamilton, ON. Do any of you guys now what classic Canadian flick my handle comes from? I work in Toronto for a trust company. Clobro, what position do you have in your brokerage firm? I am thinking of entering the financial industry fulltime after I graduate.

You better belive I know where that comes from! Careful or you’ll get the seam roller! To bad about having to be in Hamilton.LOL! T.O. is obviously where it’s at…Wait, look, a dog flying through the air with a red cape on! Is that beer I smell? Koo oo kookoo koo oo kookoo, koo oo kookoo koo oo kookoo.
Peace, Eh.

Cool thread… I also live in an igloo. Err, I mean come from Canada. You’d be surprised how many Americans believe that igloo bit. I’m from Ottawa as well, but am moving to Kitchener/Waterloo to attend the U of Waterloo for chemical engineering. Any Waterloo students out there that can fill me in on the status of the weight rooms there?

Right now I’m in a management training program at RBC Dominion Securities. I’ve been in the industry for about 6 years (mostly in client service type positions). It’s a means to an end! I like working 9-5 so I can have lots of time to focus on the fun things in life. Eventually, I would like to open my own gym in TO. It would be fun to get us all together at the same gym to train! Most of the people who read this mag, are so much more knowledgeable than the average trainee I come accross in the gym…

Every Canadian on this place it seems is from Ontario, well I’m in Halifax and go to Dalhousie, train at the school gym, hot as hell in there, its a pressurized dome so its always two degrees warmer than outside, no need for any fatburners for me, I walk into the place and start to sweat.

Hi all!
I lived in Ottawa many moons ago… globe trotted a bit and fell in love with BC… you don’t realize how much Ontario sucks until you come out here, lol. My work pays for my wife’s & my membership at The River Club… We also train at home if it’s a later work out.
Going to have to head south on a shopping trip soon…

Hey BigRob, take off, eh!

Hey guys. I live in the big T.O. as well. Actually I’m in west Scarberian and train at the Premier gym on Kenedy and Ellesmere. I’m moving to Eglinton and Allen Rd in Sept. so I need to find a good gym downtown. Any suggestions guys? Dino, I used to go to U of Waterloo a few years back and sorry buddy, the gym there is pretty shitty. There’s one squat rack and the equipment is from the 60’s. That’s the way it was a few years ago anyways. They may of updated it now but I doubt it. Athetics isn’t a very big priority at U of W.

So this is where we spend our current employment hours day in and day out! Anyways, I heard that you were performing 8x3 the other day. how are we feeling? SORE??? That working weight needs to improve according to the weight-to-weight ratio that you are despositioned to possess!

Howdy all. This is my first time posting, although I check in at this site pretty much every day. I’m one of them “scrawny bastards” doing my best to pack on a bit of muscle. I’m from Brooks Alberta (in the oil and gas industry) and I train at home. Take care eh.

I work at RBC DS in Toronto as well. I train at the Adelaide Club. I’ve been training for about a year and have been coming to this site for about six months. Does anyone know of a good store to buy Biotest products in Toronto. I am aware of the mailorder places but sometimes it would be convenient to pick something up without paying GNC prices.

Dino, I’m not a “Warrior” myself but a number of my friends are on Waterloo’s football team. From what they’ve said, there’s the standard “varsity” weight room or “jock” weight room, but there’s also the “campus fitness” type setup. I can’t vouch for the quality of the fitness joint but if you’re looking for a place like the one mentioned in a recent “atomic dawg,” you won’t be disappointed.

As for me and my “Cakeness,” I’m from London Ontario. You shouldn’t feel bad for me though cause it’s actually allowed me to become good friends with the one and only John Berardi.

Hey you nobks,what’s up eh.My name is Teddy this is the first thread I’ve responded to ,thought it very worthy. I actually live in Indiana(gotta go where the work is). But was born and raised in Kitchener / Waterloo ,Ont.28yrs old, and work out in my basement on a power rack I built out of 2’x10’s. I’m an ER nurse. To Dino the drive would such(20-25mins approx) but check out popeye’s it’s 24 hours a day 7 days a week lot’s of free weights and hammer strength. They even have a power lifting area with padded weights. unfortunately they have added a lot of fluff and power to make it women and family friendly.
long live beavertails and pooteen(when not dieting down)
beauty eh! Teddy