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Oh Boy...Where to Start?


double post. Curse you Interwebz.


All I've got right now is don't eat soy.


Come and take a look at the over 35 club.


That's great man, just some thoughts:

-a power rack (Great)
-bench (Great, are you buying one that's adjustable? Might be nice. Also make sure that it's stable enough)
-weight stand (Do you really need this?)
-150 lbs olympic weights to start (No, no, no, you need more weights, more like 400 pounds as a start. 150 pounds will not build the physique you want.)
-set of u-90 stage 1 powerblocks (Worth the price? I'm quite fond of my olympic db handles that I can put whatever I want on, but to each his own.)
-olympic bar. (Great)
-stability ball. (Why?)


As far as vegan protein goes, check out Sun Warrior. Also check out Jason Ferrugia's articles on his website ( Renegade Gym ) as he's an advocate of that. Lots of info on nurition and supplements ( and training ! Why the hell not ).


as far as vegan protein goes, throw it out, eat steak, get muscles


I think OP is allergic, so he needs alternatives ( unfortunately... ).


Hey guys! pics will be up tonight. In the 35 and older section (damn....I don't FEEL old!) ok, responses:


-weight: working on a budget here and have to start somewhere, but I agree with you.
-weight stand: I'd rather not have my weights in a corner on the floor given our space constraints, and since my wife HATES clutter, this was an easy choice.
-stability ball: wife's idea :slight_smile:
-have you got a link to the article?
-powerblocks: I've looked at others and don't have the room for a full rack (2 bedroom apartment). And frankly didn't like the look or function of the ironmasters or the price. And I've come across very few bad powerblock reviews. Having tried them out, I like them. AND this is a bday present. :slight_smile:
-bench: adjustable incline from Northern Lights (the rack is from the same company)
-protein powder: the guy at the health food store has the same allergies as me and he recommended it as part of a "stack" that I can use that keeps in mind my allergies.

caveman: I agree and in fact I was told "you can eat as much meat as you want" (hell yeah) the protein powder is a supplement, not a replacement. :slight_smile:


Trying this again...

Caveman: agreed I'm upping my meat intake definitely the Sun Warrior protein is just a supplement as I can't have regular whey protein.


-Weights: I agree with you, but am on a budget and have to start somewhere, believe me the number is going up shortly.

-Weight bench: it is an adjustable incline Northern Lights bench (the rack is northern lights too)

-Powerblocks: This is a bday present, but I've seen many good reviews and have tried them and feel they are good. Ironmasters were too expensive and I really didn't like the way they were put together.

-stabality ball: Wife's idea.

-weight stand: we're in a 2 bedroom apartment, this gets the weights off the floor and is more organized, especially when we have guests.

Hallowed: Thank you! In fact I did start using soy, but then after a few questions to my health food store guy (same issues as me), decided I didn't want moobs. So almond and rice it is!

Phil: Got a link to the article?

Nurse: thank you I will do so and I guess that is where the pics will go tonight.


Great, just wanted to make sure that those expenses were justified. Good luck!


One thing I'd add is to take a look at Mark Rippetoe's "Starting Strength". I found it a great start to weightlifting myself. The program is simple, but not easy, and focuses on large, full body lifts that recruit several groups of muscles.

Another is to learn proper form before increasing the weight. There are plenty of videos for the lifts and proper form will reduce the risk of injury.

Finally, have fun.


Just to clarify you mean this one?:http://www.amazon.com/Starting-Strength-2nd-Mark-Rippetoe/dp/0976805421/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1314290364&sr=8-1

I've also got the Men's Health Big Book of Exercise.


have a look at trueprotein, John meadows is all about that site. they have 1336421 kinds of protein there should you ever find what works for you.


That's the one. There is also a wiki and a few websites out there that discuss the program. There's even a handy xls spreadsheet that you can use for calculating the warmup weights.


Starting strength FTW



Anyone have any experience with the DVD he has for sale? When it comes to stuff like this, while I do love my books (and my Kindle....gotta have my Kindle!), I'm a visual guy.