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OG's Ninja Training


Alright, I am not so sure about this because it feels like a responsibility and I do great at work, but everywhere else I tend to run away from an obligation. Oh sure, nothing neurotic there.

I get to the gym 4 times a week, Sat/Sun and Tues/Wed. I do upper/lower split with push-pulls. Still I can't just do "just the lower body" because I feel I neglected part of my body so I will usually throw in one or two of either upper or lower to compliment the focus of my workout.

For example, tonight is a lower body but I will probably do some overhead db presses while doing step ups, or some tricep work in between squat sets.

I do think I have been bagging it lately. I go and finish and it's like when you are driving home from work and suddenly you are home but you don't know how you got there. So I need to work on some focus and intensity. Maybe this log will make me pay more attention.

I desperately want to try a Conan wheel cuz it looks so damn fun, or flip a tire. I don't want to try the Atlas balls because I think I would drop it on my foot.

My only PWO must is an awesome Pop Tart (thank you Stu) which I enjoy immensely along with Grow! and then a meal later on.

alrighty then. I will post the work after it is done.


had to change the name as I was asked if I was referencing a sexual device or a bathroom accomplishment.


You went from a peasant to a ninja huh? That's quite a jump in the socio-economic ladder you know.

Good luck with this.


This is so cool. I'm glad you've started a log. I think Powerful Women is quickly becoming the best forum on T-Nation.


A ninja? Where do I sign up? Fucking hell. I didn't realise that was even an option.


Gracias O'Hooligan!

ninja suits me better


All you women have greatly inspired me and I have to put up or shut up. I also think it may help me progress. I haven't been putting in enough effort lately.

thanks for the welcome!


Option? HAH! it was a necessity


I don't know what you've heard but it's only partially true.


To answer your original question you actually posted a while ago on fb, I've never done the Conan Wheel but it looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Events I've done are:

Farmers walk
Sled drag
Duck walk
log press
Tire flip
Rolling thunder
Atlas stone loading

Does it help if I liked the Conan movies as a teenager?


well sure who didn't like Conan and I can't wait to see the remake!

The strongman stuff does look like fun. I remember your video of your farmer walk frame falling apart, I kept thinking, "don't let those hit her ankles!"


Hey! :slightly_smiling:
Good to see you here..is this a first for you, as far a log goes?

Happy Training!


I kinda had one when I first joined about the trials and tribulations of my 24-hour trainer.

and thanks!


Cool. The "og log".

Will you log, og, in a fog?
Will you log, og, on a frog?
Will you log, og, in a bog?
Will you log, og, hog?

OK, OK, I'll stop...

Whatever you do, don't take "re-racking" tips from o_s....


Yay. More. Dr. SteelyD.

I would not flog it by a log
I would not flog it with my dog...

You really are much better at this. Is it the hat?


Saturday and Sunday I will log
and Monday take a pass

Tuesday and Wednesday I will log
and Thursday rest my ass

And Friday I will walk my dog
and evaluate my mass


No. It's really just my very limited mental capacity....


Steely is really good at it...

OG tear it up!

logging has been some the best motivation I have



I am about to head out now and I am going over things in my head. I feel like I am trying out for softball all over again! I hope the team likes me!

if not I will hit them with my bat...... just sayin


Excited to follow your log! Sorry if I missed it somewhere, but what are your main goals, besides increasing your intensity and focus in your workouts? I believe you started running, correct? Is that what you are training for right now? =D

Glad to see you decided to start a log!


You did it!!! I will have google Conan wheel, I haven't heard of that yet. Following your log will be fun.