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Offset Grip Pulls


Kind of a random post, but something for people to consider. I've done rock climbing since I was a little kid, and part of the training for it were pull ups (partial, full, cheating, whatever) of different kinds.

Something people might want to consider are:

pulls off a lip --- as in, nail a 1 x 4 to a overhead beam in your basement or whereever and do pullups just holding on to that 1 inch lip. FRIES your forearms. I have this in my basement, and just do a couple on my way to do my laundry.

Uneven pullups --- one arm gripping something higher than the other.

Swing ups. Pull ups then, swing your body onto something that is waist or chest high and stand up. Repeat in other direction. (You'll swing up toward your strong side every time, unless you swich on purpose.)

Pull up to dip -- do a pull up with the parallel bars you see at the gym, then switch to press and do a dip at the top. Watch your head in most gyms, you'll hit the ceiling. It's easier if you do your pull up with your hands in the "dip" position coming from the inside of the bars (think about doing a Nixon "V" sign and your hands will be right).

I am a deformedly tall, borderline emaciated guy, and have managed to create a V torso, I think largely because of the above.


Once read that rock climbers have the lowest bf% proportionately of any athlete. I’ve also never seen a rock climber that didn’t have fantastic back, forearm and (to a slightly lesser degree) bicep development. Might be something there.