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Offseason Eating


I am 5'4" 202 pounds and 14% body fat. I am looking to get some more size. But good quality size not fat. I was wondering how I should eat off season because I am looking to compete next year. this diet has put 15 pound of muscle on me in 3 months so it has worked but would this be ok? or change it up.

My diet now is.....

1s meal: 5 egg whites 2 whole eggs/2 cups of berries/ 1 cup of oatmeal/ greek yougurt
2nd meal: protien shake 40 grams protien/tablespoon peanut butter/ 1 banana/ cup oatmeal
3rd meal: 8 oz chicken/ 1 cup brown rice/ salad
4rd meal: 8 oz lean ground turkey/ 1 cup of brown rice/ salad
5th meal:same protien shake
6th meal: 8 oz steak/ 1 cup white rice/ broccli
7th meal: 8 oz fish/ 1 cup brown rice/ salad
8th before bed "meal": 3 tablespoons of almond butter


I would direct diet and bodybuilding-oriented questions to John Meadows