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Offseason Cycle

VLittle background on me, I’m 22 years old I am 6’2 Im doin a show here soon, hoping to come on stage around 225-230, been using Seroids for over a year now, trained naturally for 4 years before, after the show doin 8-12 weeks off TRT, ( 250 test c, 3 units GH, Nova if needed) then starting my offseason.

My offseason is broken down into phases, I do 10-12 weeks of “bulking” \ offseason heavy hard training ( I have a huge outline for training as well I’m confident in) then I go on a 4 week mini prep( also de-load phase in training, giving body little break, add in cardio etc.) , I have tendencies to gain fat in my offseason so I’m trying to keep it really tight with the the 4 week mini cuts to take off any fat I may have put on during my bulk phase.

Diet: will be doin carb cycling for offseason phase as well as my mini 4 week preps. During bulk 3 high days, 3 medium, 1 low. For the mini diet phase will be 4 low, 2 medium, 1 high. Working with a friend\coach to get the exact cals\macros but those will be dependent on my cals at the time when I start my offseason. As I go through th phases for the offseason my cals will obviously increase each bulk phase and will adjust accordingly during depending on photos and BF %. For the mini cuts phases, cals will drop cardio will get added in.

Just wanted to set all that up to show that I am serious and taking this seriously, I do not drink party, smoke etc only drugs I do are PED’S. Would just like some opinions on my cycle I planned out, anything to change or add in.

Note: have never done insulin yet, that’s why there is no amounts I don’t know exactly what, how much and when I want to take yet.

Phase 1: (12 wk bulk)
-test c 750mg (wk)
-eq 300mg ( wk)

  • anedrol: 100 mg ( before training)
    -GH 5 units daily
  • insulin

Phase 2: ( 4 wk mini diet \cut)
-test 500mg wk
-eq 300 mg wk
-GH 5 units daily
-T3 20 mg daily ( if needed)

Phase 3: (10 wk bulk)
-Test c1000 mg wk

  • EQ 600 mg wk
    -GH 5 units daily
    -DBOL 50 mg daily

Phase 4 ( 4 wk mini cut)
-Test c 1000mg wk
-EQ 600 mg wk
-GH 5 units daily
-T3 20 mg daily ( if needed)

Phase 5 ( 10 wk bulk)
-Test c 1250 mg wk
-EQ 600 mg wk
-GH 5 units day
-tren e 400 mg wk
-anedrol 100 mg daily

Phase 6 ( 4 wk mini cut)
-Test c 1250 mg wk

  • EQ 600 mg wk
    -GH 5 units daily
    -t3 20 mg daily ( if needed)

Phase 7 ( 10 wk bulk)
-Test c 1500 mg wk

  • EQ 750 mg wk
    -GH 5 units daily
    -DBOL: 50 mg daily
    -Anedrol: 100 mg daily

Phase 8 ( 4 week mini cut)
-test c 1500 mg wk
-EQ 750 mg wk
-GH 5 units daily
-T3 20 mg daily ( if needed)

Phase 9 Break 8-12wk
Test c: slowly bring test down to 250 wk ( TRT)
Nova: 40 mg daily first wk, then 20 mg daily after

I did not put and anti-e in the plan, obviously I’ll play it by ear and see, have had off an on problems with estrogen. If it does come up, will add in 20 mg Nova a day.

I know this is a lot, but as you can see I’ve planned out every part of this and my training regiment during my bulking phase meticulous. For the GH I would like to up it a little for the last 4 phases but we’ll see if I have the money after buying all the food and gear.

So any recommendations or something that I may have missed please any feedback would be awesome.

Why are you blasting gear for a whole year!?

And then not even coming off, going onto a cruise!

Any HCG? Use an AI on cycle not a SERM.

I am 24 and have decided to blast and cruise too, but my planned blasts are going to be fast acting 8 week followed by 10 week + cruises with adex and HCG throughout.

Your purposed gear use is HUGE with no let up.

I personally would not keep switching between bulking and cutting… Your going to achieve nothing in 4 weeks of “cutting”.

I would have a bulking phases with test e, tren e and eq following by a cutting phase of test prop, tren a and mast p…

Suitable orals alongside if you wish.

At 22 5iu of GH is gonna be doing F all aswell…

As for slin, some of my local gym rats use Humalog at 5iu - pin breakfast, pre and post workout. This is the fastest acting slin. Once pinned they have 15mins to consume 10g of carbs per iu injected… I little more if needed nearer the peak at 30-90 mins after. (I am not gonna touch the stuff just yet, maybe never!)

On slin you can gain bodyfat, quickly!, so sometimes you can drop your carbs to say 7/8g per iu but only when you slowly taper down week by week to notice any small changes in how you feel.

They all started on 1 shot per day post workout.

So my advise on the whole; you are clearly like me in the sense you want to be an absolute freak and I too would love to blast all year round and pin slin… However, at 22 unless you are already looking ridiculous with a destine to be a MR.O I would slow down on the amount of gear… you don’t wanna end up a Bostin Lloyd!

Plan better bulking and cutting phases, as said before, cutting for 4 weeks between “bulking” is just gonna get you know where… Do one at a time correctly OR Get into a very lean state and just add quality lean muscle.