Offseason Cycle Options

What differences in progress would one see between these 2 cycles, looking for personal experiences if possible -

1000mg Test E - Wk 1-16
Dbol/Adrol/Sdrol (Undecided) - Wk 1-4 or

500 Test E - Wk 1-16
600 Deca - Wk 1-16
Same orals listed above

Pretty basic overall but as someone who has yet to touch deca, is it worthy addition, or would 1g test be sufficient? cheers

I’m on test Deca 500/500 atm also 16 weeks. Gained 31LBS so far and am only on week 9/10

Of course there’s water as well but built significant tissue, my closely related keep commenting how obvious the change is.

I’m actually covering myself up with vests sometimes so some won’t notice how much I gained lol.

Aside from having to spend a lot of cash on AI since im shitprone to gyno and acne, great cycle with 0 negative effects.

Have ran 1G of test in the past, used the orals you mentioned, also experienced eq, primo, var, win, mast, tren.

I gotta say this is one of the smoothest cycles I have ran, with solid results, only thing I can remember that gave me faster results was Tren, but also made me feel like shit, so Deca is a great alternative.

The Estrogen is a bish though, but if you can keep it under control should be great experience.

Have you ever run NPP?

Cheers for the reply!
Are you running any caber as a precaution alongside your AI? Or is everything in check and you don’t need to? I’ve had to run caber with tren in the past

Also, if given the options of 1g of test or the current cycle you’re on, which would you prefer?

Nope have not touched NPP either, considered NPP for the shorter half life benefits though. Overall not too concerned with sides as having used tren in the past and was a smooth ride.
Mainly just trying to get a clear picture on 1g test E vs 500/600 test deca