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Offseason Baseball Program

I am using this routine during the offseason for baseball. I want to get faster, gain some arm strengh and put on around 10 pounds. I have taken bits and pieces from differnt programs(defranco mostly) and added my own stuff two. Tell me what you think and if anything needs to change.

Monday-upper body, max effort

Weighted chins- 5 sets 3-5 reps
Dumbell bench/Close grip bech press- 5 sets 3-5 reps
Bent over dumbell rows- 5 sets 5-8 reps
lateral raises- 3 sets 8-10 reps
External rotation, arm abduted- 3 sets 8-12 reps
Zottman curls- 3 sets 4-6 reps
Hanging leg raises- 4 sets 10-15 reps
Weighted crunches 4 sets 8-10 reps

Lower body, max effort

Squats/Deadlift- 10 sets 3 Reps
Single leg squats/Stepups- 4 sets 5-7
GHR/Hyperexstensions- 3 sets 5-8 reps
CC grippers/Wristroller 2 sets

Upper body, accessory

Dumbell external rotation- 3 sets 8-10
Steated cable rows- 5 sets 4-6 reps
Rope pulls to neck- 3 sets 5-8 reps
lying Tricept exstension- 3 sets 4-6
Dumbell side bends- 4 sets 4-6 reps
Bicycle crunches- 4 sets 20 seconds
Rainbows- 3 sets 10

For lower body when there is two differnt lifts I will do one for 2 weeks and then switch to the other. Ever 3 weeks I will take 1 week off from the 10x3 and switch to a 4x10.
Befor lower body I do some pylometrics(3sets10 pogo jumps, 2sets 5 high knees, 2sets 5 box jumps).

What position do you play? How long is the off-season? Will you be doing any technical training, or crosstraining in a different sport/activity?

There’s really not a lot of lower body work at all. I’d also like to see some more rotational ab/core work. Full Contact Twists or Woodchoppers would make me happy as a pig in poo.

I’m not entirely on board with switching leg exercises every 2 weeks, and changing the sets/reps 1 week a month. I’d rather stick to one format for X amount of time, then go to Y format for another designated timeframe.

Are the plyos done before lower body to warm-up, or to improve speed? If they’re for speed, I’d increase the volume a little bit, and do them on a different day (no way you’re squatting or DL’ing your best after serious plyo work).

And…Zottman curls? Zottman curls? I’d prefer Reverse Grip Power Cleans (also known as Power Curls) And where’s the Farmer’s Walk? That’s a wicked move, great for addressing SO many issues (Go a bit lighter and non-linear for agility and core strength. Go a bit heavier for full body power and grip strength).

I play center and the offseason will be 8-10 weeks. I will be hitting 3xweek and long toss 2xweek. I do not play any other sports. When you say that there is not much lower body work do you mean I should have more volume in that one workout or add a second lower body day? I was thinking of added a second lower body day but right now this seems to be all I can handle because my legs are sore as hell for about 3 days. If I stop getting so much sorness I will definitely add a secong lower day. Can you explain a “full contact twist” and what you mean by “non-linear”?

The pylos are done as a warm-up after I do some laps and agility(ladder)work.

Thanks for all the advise, you have been very helpful!

Hello Tmay11,

I’m not a trainer or anything like that but I have played ball for 22 years of my life. H.S., College(Georgia Southern) and two years in the Expos System.

I read you play the outfeild, I did as well, Right and Left in HS and College and in the minors just right. Me persanally, I worked out mainly on my legs and shoulders with weights most of the time. For upper body I did all variations of push ups, pull ups and chin ups. For my shoulders I did handstand push-ups and front lateral raises, rear delt exercises as well and a ton of rotator cuff execises.

I ran tons of sprints as well, I would run sprints with a sled with weight, also resistance sprints with a parachute. Hill sprints too.

As for hitting, your hips and legs do most of the work. That’s were the leg workouts come in. Also, I would have to agree with minotaur, work the core as well! I would use diffrent medicine ball exercises. Tons of old school sit ups different variations. No chrunchs! Tons of one arm swing drills( I learned that from Walt Hriniack, he use to be the Whitesox’s hitting instructor).

They are good for buliding up your lead are strength, as well as tons of forearm exercises. I even use to dip my hans in pickle juice! A lot of the old timers did that to toughen up there hands, you get no sting from the wooden bats. Old time bare knuckeled fighters did that too in order to cut open there opponent’ face! LOL

For arm strength I would throw long toss every two days. On the football feild, throw the whole length of the feild(gradually). The rotator cuff exercises helped as well.

That was back in 87-97. Today I’m sure there are a ton of new exercise programs out there. A lot of gadgets too. My father designed all my workouts. He played minor league ball as well. I believe in the old school style of training, it worked for me.

Good Luck,