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Offseason 531 Assistance Help?

Hello Mr. Wendler (or anyone else who answers). I am a high school lacrosse player entering my offseason. I’m 2 days into 531 and enjoying it so far. I wanted your opinion on what assistance template you would recommend for me. My goal is to build muscle and get a little leaner, and improve speed and power. Here’s my idea:

Sunday: Skill Work/Conditioning, Bench 5/3/1, FSL 5x5, Dave Tate Peridization Bible Assistance (DTPB) (as described in the book).

Monday: Sprints/Jumps/Throws, Power Clean 5/3/1 (minimum reps), 3 Joker sets, Squat 5/3/1, DTPB.

Wednesday: Skill Work/Conditioning, Press 5/3/1, FSL 5x5, DTPB.

Thursday: Sprints/Jumps/Throws, Power Snatch 5/3/1 (minimum reps), 3 Joker sets, Deadlift 5/3/1, DTPB.

So do you think this will work. Too much or too little volume? I took out the FSL 5x5 on squats and deadlifts cause I’m doing power cleans and snatches on that day with joker sets, so I figured it would be too much volume. Thanks for any help.

I wouldn’t do joker sets on anything. Nothing. Zero. Nothing. EVER.
I would recommend the Krypteia workout above this workout.

But if you want to do this and this is what makes you super, super happy…so be it. Just as long as it’s consistent and you give effort.