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Official World Cup 2006 Thread


Let us discuss here what really matters these days.

BTW, I'm not a great soccer fan, but the world cup is always very exciting, especially if you happen to live in Berlin!

So, what are your predictions? Is Germany gonna win? England? Brazil?




I am going to pick Brazil. England looked kind of lackluster, but I think they will pick up the pace. The T&TB vs Sweden result should all but guarentee them a second round berth.

I hope the US does well, and wish Scotland had made it in.

I need to see how everyone plays their first games before I can really make any predictions. I am having a blast watching all the games though!


I only watch football in the World Cups and the Euro championships.

None of the teams I'm rooting for are gonna win (I like the playing style of certain countries, even though they're not as good as other countries)... I'm just hoping Brazil wouldn't win. I'm sick of them.


The U.S. is a long shot to reach the round of 16 so I would not mind England finally doing something. At least the fans would be able to step away from the cliff.


Brasil will take it again, they can't be stopped.


The Argentinians say they can stop them.
Other countries also have a chance. Maybe Holland?

Well, we'll see.


3-0 Czech Republic (at 80:00)?

U.S. Soccer: Overrated.
Can't play on European soil (remember France 1998; dead last? We look worse today).

I give the Czechs the best chance of getting the best of Brazil.


Yeah those czechs just might beat the brazilians... man they play so good watching them is tons of fun..

maan, they were so good the americans were completely lost and powerless. they couldn't do ANYTHING. they just stood there, helpless... I ALMOST felt sorry for the poor bastards (sorry, but America doesnt belong in the world of football). The czechs were having a jolly good time kicking their ass, and by the third goal the czech coaches were laughing their ass off.

fun game... fun game.


Dito. Great Game by the Czechs today. You have to get past them to go all the way. They kind of sucked right before the tournament, looked totally different today.


actually i went too far when saying they dont belong in the world of football.. they did have some good plays and Eddie Johnson ( http://fifaworldcup.yahoo.com/06/en/w/player/182537_JOHNSON_Eddie.html ) had some really nice strikes.


The Czechs looked very strong, was disappointed with USA's performance though. Now looking forward to Italy v Ghana game.


The pundits on British TV showed a good example of Nedveds work ethic. 3-0 up and the game was won and he was still running back and making tackles/pressurising the US team.
He's a class act imo.


Don't discount the "underdogs" like Ivory Coast and the "fighters" like Korea.

I hope Italy gets a good pounding this evening. Go Ghana!


I agree. I was really disappointed with the USA's performance today, but as fan of the game I enjoyed watching the Czechs play, and Nedved's work rate was amazing.


I'm curious if Ghana will beat Italy. Kinda like african soccer. Even if they really won't stand a chance to win the Cup.

Nontheless, I'd like to stress that Germany is super motivated and will surely surprisea lot of guys here. We're gonna take that title!


Only a fool would doubt Germany on their home soil. This tournament, for me is hard to pick an obvious winner yet. Wait for Brazil tomorrow i suppose.


Since US soccer has always teh sucked. I've been a fan of Argentina.


the US played like they were scared today...they had the ball for most of the game and just made back passes the entire time.....no one looked like they wanted to attack the czechs at all


Yeh I dont like the italians either. Shame ghana lost..