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Official Unofficial T-ransformation 2017 Announcement


I thought the a2 was fine until I tried an a6, a pro, and an assualt bike. Now I don’t like the a2. But it’s probably me just being snobby


Dude, I work full time, have a son who I have half custody of, am ALSO competing in strongman this spring, and I fully intend to get ripped for this competition. I also can’t remember the last time I made it into the gym 4 times in the same week. It’s probably been months. I usually get in there 2 or 3 times. Do what you can, and see what happens. Diet is going to likely matter a whole lot more than how often you can get to the gym anyway. Just do your best man, but don’t pull yourself out before you even start. That’s nonsense and self-defeating.


Ya, agreed. I see this as just a personal challenge with an audience, really.


I’m in. Right now I’m around 215lbs and not in a good way lol. I don’t have ambitions of becoming stage-ready, but I want to get into the best shape of my life. I know I’ll need to get below 200lbs, which I haven’t been for probably 6 years, but I’m looking forward to it.


Lol, this is pretty much exactly me. My initial end goal is 185. I figure 1 pound a week would put me at 192 if I start next week (which will be tough with the holidays, but I’m going to try anyway). I figure I can get more than a pound at least some of the time considering how flabby I currently am.


Yeah that’s a really good way of looking at it. 1lb a week doesn’t sound exciting but will make a huge difference over a decent length of time, and it should be quite manageable.


24 weeks to lose 24lbs. That’ll put me at 200lbs and stage ready :wink:


I’m sitting at 200 and if I end up less than 180 I’m going to fucking murder somebody


Ya I hear ya man. I just didn’t want to go at this thing half ass. Since I’m not experienced in cutting I am expecting to invest some significant time into counting/tracking macros, adding cardio etc. But I’m sure with the assistance of others on here I can still put together a decent package. Just need to really get my nutrition figured out.

Thanks for the kick in the ass.


Sleeper if you back out now then I demand you wear a dress for the remainder of the year. And don’t be afraid to show a little ankle with it.


@littlesleeper this is what’s worked for me over the last six and a bit months (down from 25.1% to 20.3%, scale weight 226 to 205 lbs). It’s pretty easy.

Start out by just dropping your calories 500 below maintenance. Use the bodyweight in lbs multiplied by 14 and 17 to find the window. I went with 500 below the low end. If you want add some light conditioning once or twice a week. Jumping rope between sets of one or two exercises works well. That’ll work fine for three months or so, you’ll probably drop around a pound a week and it’s not a massive hassle to do beyond tracking your calories daily.

Once that stops working as well start paying more attention to your macros. You could do this from the get go, but I found it harder to adjust to than simply dropping the calories. Drop your calories another 200 or so and split them: 20% from fat, get 0.8 to your bodyweight in lbs from protein and any calories left over come from carbs. Paul Carter has an article about this where I got that approach. You can keep your conditioning as is or change it up and do some kind of sprints once a week and a lighter conditioning session on another day.


Honestly, it’s pretty good. It tastes just like the real thing.


Thanks man! I can typically shed the first 10lbs without really doing much other than eliminating all the junk that I sprinkle into my diet…and no alcohol. After that is when I need to start paying more attention and tracking calories more religiously. I will likely be reading through Tom Venuto’s “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” again to pull some tips from there.

On another note, I am receiving CT’s “Maximum Muscle Bible” for Christmas and I was already sent the two e-books that accompanied the purchase. Paul Carter’s “Base Building” and CT’s “High Threshold Muscle Building”.

I’m hoping that there are some additional tips for fat loss within these pieces to aid me in the process as well.

I’m currently dirty bulking hard, so I’m going to be coming at you guys with my fattest package to date.


You’re about 10 lbs heavier than me right now. How tall are you?


Eh, I think I’m going to have to withdraw from the competition due to my wrist fucking up again. Basically, I’ll have to skip most if not all upper body work for a while, possibly quite a long while might I add. Unless I do a only under the waist transformation… :smirk:


It’s December right now. The competition ends in June. That’s not a reasonable excuse bro. I’m positive you can find ways to train. You’ll just have to avoid certain movements. And you can always diet and get ripped, regardless of what you’re doing in the gym.


Well shucks, I guess I ain’t pussying out after all.


How many more people gonna try to bail before the 1st? Should we take over/under bets? :wink:


5’ 11" but I’m nowhere near as lean as you just now. I’m like the second fattest I’ve ever been.

The grand plan was always just get heavy this year, then next year shred up and try my best to maintain that without worrying too much about adding more mass.


I need FlipCollar to be my coach!