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Official Unofficial T-ransformation 2017 Announcement


I’m an Aussie living in USA. Best of both worlds…hehe

On a serious note, I’m in. I seem to recall Yogi saying something about beginners joining so i figure why not?


God damn that makes my day so fucking great. I need to find this stuff asap


Also, I may be in on this transformation. I need a reason to stop being fat, but also another reason to get fat af before the new year. Be right back eating two honey buns


Does it taste good though?


Yeah I was just illustrating the point I made way back since you and the other dude in that thread actually thought I was getting offended.


I don’t actually remember the thread. Must have been aaaaaages ago if I actually thought I could offend you


GAME CHANGER! I will most definitely be keeping this in my prep, I killed a pint after dinner yesterday on my high day. And it doesn’t taste like fake stuff, it’s legit.


I want in! …it’s always fun to make boys cry when they lose. :stuck_out_tongue::joy:


I just want to point out that everyone here is already way behind. I figured that to have any shot at flip or some of the others I needed about an 8 week head start. Also, if we have a golf challenge I already call using the lady tees. If you need me I’ll be in the squat rack with the pink dumbbells.


I’m with you here. I need every extra day I can get.

I am envious of your weight loss from being sick. I was sick for a week and lost nothing, despite keeping to my diet.


I actually had to loosen up my diet over thanksgiving just to try to get some calories in. I opened up both my feeding window and food options. My only problem right now is that I have no aerobic capacity. I just cannot breath deeply. This makes high intensity lower body stuff problematic, which is a big part of my program. I’m on low volume and haven’t really been doing cardio for the most part. Three words, diet diet diet.

The good news is that my back is doing really well, so I’m slowly adding back in some better lower body training options.


Yeah I did some preliminary measurements and I definitely need to take this thing seriously.

I usually dont like to let the largest part of my waist get over 35 inches, and 36 I consider to “Fat Lonnie” … Last night was 37.5 inches! Although I have let my diet loosen up considerably in the last few months so its an easy reversal.

Im also thinking about trying out some dumb ideas like only doing tabata bike sprints for cardio (I have a wife and kid now so my time is much more limited than when I could do whatever I wanted back in 2012) but we will see how that goes. I think it would be a fun little game to play though, escaping for 4 minute super-charges of cardio when I could.


lol, I’m sitting at Fat Yogi territory just now too


Yep, just bought a couple pairs of jeans in a 36" waist. I’ve always been 32" into a more recently 34". Ruh, roh.


@MarkKO since you’re on a cut anyways, why not just join in?


Wasn’t the Fat Bastard in Austin Powers Scottish?

Do you want to tell us a secret?.


I’m filing Halo Top under “too good to be true”, especially since Arctic Zero, another whey protein-based “low cal” ice cream got busted a few years ago as having incorrect labelling. They ended up having in the neighborhood of 45-70% more calories than what the label said.

I’ll stick with Greek yogurt and a scoop of protein thrown in the freezer for 20 minutes. Wait, I mean, um, nevermind what I wrote. I was thinking of something else. It’s great diet food, totally. Knock back a pint or three right before taking your after pics in June. :yum: :icecream:


I’m going to pick some up the next time I’m at the store and will let you’ll know. I just happened to see it on Defranco’s Instagram.


Bought a pint of chocolate mocha or some shit at Kroger the other day. About 4 bucks a pint. Not worth it imo. Tastes good af, but not comparable to greek yogurt with whey as mentioned earlier.


Not to get too into the minutiae of the label, BUT, when an item like this comes along in a 6 month contest prep diet, it truly can be a “game changer” in terms of the mental benefits it can bring of feeling like you’re eating something that not only doesn’t make you feel deprived, but like you’re indulging. I’m not an “IIFYM” guy so I stick to the traditional foods, with the exception of my high day, when I allow myself some leeway to get the carbs in, and for sanity. Not eating fast food or anything, but I’ll have a bagel in the morning, a Lenny and Larry’s complete cookie and a protein shake for my pre-workout meal, etc.

Ok, back to the Halo Top. It doesn’t taste EXACTLY like real ice cream, but it’s the closest I’ve ever tried. I have had the arctic zero that @Chris_Colucci mentioned, and it tastes terrible, so I’m glad I didn’t indulge just to find out the cals were labeled incorrectly. The Halo Top doesn’t feel as thick or creamy as normal hard ice cream would, but it still has some thickness to it from the small amount of cream, as well as the carob gum, guar gum and fiber. The erythritol and stevia are pretty well balanced for sweetness, sometimes they can give a bitter taste but I didn’t get that. Coupled with 24g protein (per pint) from the milk and eggs, and 56g carbs (16 net grams from carbs after the fiber and erythritol are factored out), lots of fiber, it’s good stuff. I’m hoping with the emphasis they put on “us vs. theirs” with their advertising the calories and ingredients on their website, that they wouldn’t go through all that trouble knowing they’re falsely advertising the cals, especially after the arctic zero lawsuit in 2012. Cottage cheese or greek yogurt with whey is my usual last meal of the evening, in the freezer of course, but the Halo Top IMO tastes great (at least the flavor I tried, I’ve heard some aren’t as good as others.)

That being said, I’ve been on a careful nutrition plan throughout my entire off season, the last time I ate ice cream was after my show in June. I start my official prep beginning of January, and you can bet a pint of Halo Top is in on my high day!