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Official Unofficial T-ransformation 2017 Announcement


Max is a good guy. If there was some kind of misunderstanding then I’m sure he’s not holding any grudges


a dirty chinaman. Do you know @dt79?


Yeah I hate foreigners. Scottish people are my least favourite.

Looking unreal in that photo, dude!


Not really, no. Where are you from @dt79?


lol, I know. I just love throwing out good-natured casual racism


I couldn’t detect the sarcasm lmao. That being said though, I’m genuinely curious as to what’s the racial diversity of us users of T-Nation be like?


pretty diverse I think! Posters from all corners of the globe. Obviously big fat gun-toting redneck American supersizers make up the majority


I am scottish.



i was only joking! Yogi is one of my favorite people here and he was extremely supportive during my transformation. I am Turkish by the way.


Somewhere in Asia. Not going to reveal my location online atm.

See @Yogi1 ? I told you before, Chinese dudes who aren’t from a Western country generally won’t get triggered by stuff you guys consider racist. Unless they’re from China. A real Chinaman would be looking for hidden meanings in everything even in the non-racist stuff. Yeah, it doesn’t make sense.


Ugly American checking in, always interesting to see where everyone’s hails from.

We may have to change this to the T-Nation World Championship


Don’t you fuckin forget it either!!


Thai sex change operation?


Fuck, how did you guess? Alright, I’ll post a pic now my secret’s out.


I’d watch your ping pong show… :pokerface:


Just saw this on Joe Defranco’s instagram:

Ummmm, greatest day ever…


Canadian here eh. Sorry.


Yeah I remember you saying. To be fair though I’d never actually make a racist remark if I thought there was any chance of someone actually being offended by it. That’s not cool.

A mate of mine has a theory that you’re only a good guy if people are making fun of you. If no one’s taking the piss, then no one’s comfortable enough to do it, so you must be a dick.


pfft you wish, bro! You ain’t got the stones


That’s it I’m sending my Clan after you.

EDITS: Damn it’s hard to get gifs right on here.